In your silence…(KKB) Chapter 10

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Dadi “I don’t understand Abhi. Why do u have to lie to her?” Abhi remained silent.

Dadi “She loves you Abhi. She loves you from the time you are away. What else do u expect from her?”

Abhi in response smiled widely before taking his laptop from the side table.

Dadi got angry. She took the laptop from him & was surprised to see Pragya’s picture set on it.

Dadi “So you intend to see her in pictures only?”

Abhi smirked hearing it.

Dadi “Abhi, are you going to talk or not? I didn’t expect you to lie to me too!”

Abhi gestured to place his laptop on the bed.

Dadi dropped it harshly onto the bed causing Abhi to have his mouth widely opened.

Abhi “My pyaari Dadi, I didn’t really mean to lie to you. Few weeks back before we shifted house, I had done a day surgery for my vocal chords. The doctor said my voice will be back gradually. When I got my voice back it was the day that you were in temple & Pragya gave her sudden surprising visit. Then I thought of seeing her reaction of how she mingles with a person like me who can’t speak now. I wanted to see does she feels different with me now.”
Dadi “Then?” Abhi “Then what?” Dadi “But why do you have to leave her suddenly?” Abhi “So that she can leave certain things & come to me.”

Dadi “I don’t understand Abhi. What do you mean?”
Abhi “Trust me Dadi. Your grandson will never leave things easily. If he does then there would be a strong reason behind it.”

Dadi looks on with a perplexed look while Abhi walk passes saying he needs to go somewhere urgently.

On the other hand, Pragya was having a headache of trying to find out what is the message now. She wanted to share with Reena about the message but the warning stopped her from doing so.

Pragya walking inside Reena’s room started to blabber of how unlucky she is in not being able to find his whereabouts. Reena smirks hearing it.

Reena,You won’t find him.I won’t let you find him too.
Pragya manages to see Reena smiling strangely at her instead of feeling pathetic for her. She realizes Reena quickly changes her expression to be worried for Pragya too.

Pragya, What’s wrong with Reena? Why am I feeling she is not genuine with her feelings for me?

Pragya “Reena…I am going out. Will see you later.”
Reena “Sorry Pragya, I am busy in this document checking if not I would have said words of comfort to make u feel better.”

Pragya “That’s ok. At least u hear me!”
Reena with a smile asked “Where are you going?”
Pragya “ Just to my workplace, I just remembered that I didn’t finish some of my work.”
Reena “Glad that you now have the awareness to complete your work.”

Pragya smiled in return before leaving the house.
Reena sighed in relief of realizing Pragya is not going out in search of Abhi again.

Pragya never reached her workplace. Instead she reached at another place.

Pragya slowly walked inside the place. She smiled seeing how the place was still intact. It was her high school. Now the school was not functioning like before. She was all alone in the place but she liked the silence it had. It reminded of Abhi’s silence.

Pragya, How I wish he was here now. It would be perfect to reminisce our past. Those were the days we spent time with each other without any expectations. Now I only have one expectation in life….Acceptance….Acceptance by him as his wife.But that itself seems to be difficult.

She sighed thinking of where he would have gone, What is this hide & seek game for?

Further walking inside, she was keep on remembering her days with Abhi during high school. She was getting emotional having the flashes of their younger version in front of her. Suddenly she heard someone humming a tune.

Pragya, This is the same time that Abhi sings!!!

She walked fast towards the direction at which the sound came. It was coming from the drawing room. Pragya saw Abhi standing by the window.

Pragya in delight “Abhi!!” She ran to him saying his name as he turned back giving a wide smile expressing his happiness of seeing her after a long time.

She hugged him & said with tears “Where did you go? Do u know how much I missed you!!! Then your messages with jumbled words made my mind jumbled too. Don’t ever try to leave me in this way.

Abhi “I gotta tell you something Pragya before I accept you.” Pragya with curoristy “What is it?”

Abhi “Will you leave something if I ask for you in return?”

Pragya “I am ready to leave anything for you. Is it my job?”

Abhi “Nah I am not that narrow minded in restricting my ladylove not to work. I want you to leave someone that u are attached to now.”

Pragya looked confused until he mentioned it was Reena that she had to leave for him.

Pragya in surprise “You know Reena?”

Abhi “Yes I know her & I don’t you to be with her. Will you leave her for me?”

Pragya “What are you saying Abhi? She is the only person that I have now in my life. She is like a sister to me. After my parents died, she is the only relation that I have now as a family. Why do you want me to leave her?”

Abhi “I know Fuggy. I know how much she means to you.”

Pragya “Then how can u say like this Abhi? Even if I am married to you I will always be back to her. She is my guide all this years as a friend, as a sister, as a mum & many more.”

Abhi “Fuggy, do you trust me?” Pragya“I love you as I trust you Abhi”

Abhi sternly said “Then leave her!”

Pragya “That’s not possible. I owe her a lot. It would be unfair if I leave her for my love for you. As much as I love you, I respect her concern towards me.”

Abhi “Why can’t you understand? Fuggy!! She is not like you are thinking. She was supposed to marry me. How will she allow you to marry me now? I don’t want complications Pragya. If you leave her, then we can easily be together.”

Pragya “She was supposed to marry you? What are you saying.”

Abhi “Reena was my fiance before I had the accident where I lost my voice. After knowing I lost my voice, she didn’t want to marry me. She wanted to marry a man with all abilities. Every girl would want that. Knowing that I have the disability of not being able to talk & it might take a longer time to have a cure for me at that time she declined in marrying me. I accepted her decision & was not that much worried although it hurt me a little. After that I never realized I would see her again. That too after I got my voice back. She somehow got to know about my voice being back & still being single. She came for me and asked to marry her now. But by then I was in love with you Fuggy. I politely said i am in love with someone else. To that she challenged me that I can be only hers. I tried to make her understand I don’t love her. It would be difficult for both of us if either one of us are not in love. But she was not willing to listen to me. Now I am sure she would never allow you to be mine. She already knows that it was you whom I am in love with that’s why she reached the church before you!!”

Pragya hearing to all this couldn’t believe. She stepped back from him.

Abhi “I knew you would come here Pragya. Something in me told me that you would come here.”

Pragya in a shaky voice “Abhi…I think you are getting it wrong…”

Abhi “Try to understand Fuggy. I am very much sure about her intentions.”

Pragya “But you see I am with her for many years. I know very well about u. Yes she might have known it was me whom u love but she could have come done before me to make sure u are not playing with my feelings.”

Abhi “Will I play with your feelings Pragya??”

Pragya “I don’t know…I mean you still have the childlike behaviour so…”

Abhi “I am ok with whatever way u call me. But do try to understand she is not like what u are thinking.”

Pragya “Enough Abhi!!! I know her better. I can leave anything to be accepted as yours except for her.”

Abhi asked “So this is your final decision?”

Pragya “Abhi….why are u making it difficult. She is not like u are thinking. She shares with me everything she feels. If she had felt like what u have said, then u she would have told me.”

Abhi “You know what Fuggy, you are having the childlike heart of believing everyone blindly.”

Pragya “Let it be Abhi….I don’t want to hurt her in anyway.”

Abhi “Does that mean you can hurt me?”

Pragya turned away trying to hide her tears.

Abhi “All I ask you is to leave her & come to me.”

She walked ahead quickly. Abhi following her behind said “Is this going to be this way? Like in movies where Hero follow heroine for love?”

Pragya stopped walking.

Abhi coming in front of her asked “Why did u stopped walking?”

Pragya “I don’t mind hero following heroine kind of love story.”

Abhi “Really?” Pragya “But I do mind you saying my loved one as a villain in our love story.”

Abhi “I am not saying she is villain. I am scared she might turn to be one.”

Pragya “If that is so, won’t she turn into one if I leave her for u. She only have me for support all this years. What do you know about the relation between us? How can u accuse her in this way!”

Abhi “I know I don’t know what is the relation between both of u but I do know what was my relation with her. You were away na for your job & that’s why u were unaware of her relation with me.”

Pragya then remembers Reena saying she is going to marry soon to a man who she believes would be the best in all ways. That happened a couple of years back.

Abhi ”I am not saying she is bad. I am saying I don’t want her to feel bad.”

Pragya unable to handle this, walked ahead again when Abhi pulled her towards him by force.

Pragya shrieked “What are you doing?? Let me go!”

Abhi “Let you go? Are you sure of what you are telling.”

Pragya huffed in his closeness. Abhi “In your silence I only feel closeness Fuggy….the closeness towards me.”

Abhi slowly loosened his grip to look at her. Pragya took it as an advantage. She pushed him down.

Abhi “Ouch!!! It hurts Fuggy.” He screamed by holding his back.

Pragya “Oh no…” She tried to help him by kneeling down. Abhi winked at her. Pragya knew at the moment he was playing with her.

Abhi “Fuggy! Why are you being adamant? I know I am asking something big in return to accept you as my wife but do understand that I am asking it for your goodness.”

Pragya softly “Bee…Bee…”

Abhi in an excited tone “You agree?” Pragya firmly “No!! Like I said before ask me to leave anything except for Reena. Now I got to go. Bye!”

She said that making him look at her with an unbelievable look.

Pragya sees Abhi trying to catch something in empty air.

Pragya, Is he gone mad or I am turning mad by seeing him?

Then Abhi catches something in his hand. He smiles seeing Pragya. He signals to her with full of achievement of catching something great.

Pragya ignores it & walks ahead. Abhi shouts “Now you go. I have caught your stubbornness with me. Tomorrow onwards you will be stubborn free!!!”

I guess its difficult to find the message. Just wait to know. In advance I can give a hint. The hint is one word don’t have a letter in need. Others words have a letter not in need.

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