In your silence…. (KKB) Intro

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A handsome young man was looking up and down in awe of the interior design of the house.

He never expected the interior designer would simply understand what he wants through email conversations.

He mentally praised her for doing such a commendable job.

“Beta, still u haven’t changed?” asked Dadi.

He smiled and gestured he will do it soon. Indeed it was a long day for them. They travelled long to reach here.

This was his first achievement. This house represents his success. He had built this house with his hard-earned money. It took him a year to built this with the top and sought after contractors and interior designer in town. He wanted the best. He always want the best.

He was now walking up the stairs and was amazed to see a portrait of himself.

He was wondering whose work was this? He remembers clearly that he doesn’t have a portrait of himself.

He called Dadi’s and she took her time to come up.

“What happened? Why did you gave me missed call?” She asked.

He pointed at the portrait.

Dadi was very happy to see a portrait of him where he have his charming laughter on it.

He frowned asking who did this?

Dadi “I don’t know but whoever did this knows you look best when laughing!”

He in return rolled his eyes and went to his room.

Dadi shook her head. She knew he looks best in smiles and laughters even though he never agrees to it.

He jumped on his bed like a child. He likes jumping on bed no matter how old he is. It makes him feel light.

Dadi “Abhi don’t start to jump on bed!! It’s a new one!!”

Abhi looked sheepishly hearing her. He now lied on bed and looked at the ceiling.

Dadi came inside and said “Abhi…now u have a house, a good job in hand. At least now, will you agree to get married?”

Abhi hates this topic from her. It’s not that he don’t want to marry. Yes he is successful as a fashion designer in this city. Working with all kinds of celebrities and personalities. His talent is well appreciated with high remuneration and awards however, somewhere down the line, he was looked down on his disability. He can’t speak. It’s not a birth defect. He had this from an accident that happened a couple of years ago. Now whenever Dadi asks him to marry. His only question is who would marry a person who can’t speak. It is a huge need to talk. You need to talk to express your feelings. He didn’t want to be a fool in front of a girl when she wants him to express what he thinks of her. He also felt what if she leave him knowing it’s useless to live with a person who can’t speak. He had his own insecurities which he can’t even tell to his own Dadi.

Dadi looked at him as he was looking worried by hugging the pillow.

She understands he feels worried now.

Dadi “By end of this month I will be finding a good girl for you. Keep your worries away. Abhi please understand that your success is way ahead of your silence.”

Abhi made a pout face. Dadi chuckled at his childish look. Even though he is successful, he still acts like a child in all ways.

Dadi came near him and kissed his forehead saying rest well beta.

Abhi winked at her and Dadi smiled widely before leaving the room.

Abhi tried to close his eyes but was disturbed by his portrait outside the room. He was intrigued to know who would have drawn him with that much of perfection. He did have a thought of the interior designer placing it. Why would she do that? He don’t know….

Elsewhere, a girl is seen having the same portrait as seen in Abhi’s house. She was smiling continuously by admiring his laughter. It’s a sheer pleasure of just looking at him. She wonders when she will be able to see him in person.

PS: The accident faced by Abhi have nothing to do with Pragya here.

If it’s not that interesting then I am sorry….

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