In your silence…. (KKB) Chapter 7

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It had been a week that both seen each other. Both were busy in their own commitments.

Pragya unable to wait any longer texted him.

Abhi saw her message. He smiled at her impatience.
Pragya was feeling restless as now he was not replying even after seeing her message.

Then she stared at the the screen for very long as it showed he was typing.

Finally his message came. It was just a one word reply. Ok!

Pragya, What is this?? He is really testing my patience now!!!

She felt like throwing away the phone when she saw him calling her.

Pragya, He is calling me??

She answered the call with a Hello Bee…Bee…
In response she heard some wind blowing sounds.

Pragya “Are u there??? Can u hear me?? Why your background is so noisy???”

Abhi “I…” Pragya “Who is this? Abhi’s friend ah?? Can u pass the phone to him. I want to tell him something.” She replied loudly as it was getting more difficult to hear.

Abhi “I am…” Pragya “What?? I can’t hear you!! Who is this??” Abhi loudly “ I am Abhi!!! Don’t search for me!! I got my voice back and I am disappearing!!!” Pragya “Huh?? Can you tell clearly??”

Call ended….

Later in the day, she received a message which he said just now. He got his voice back & disappearing.

Pragya, There he started it again!!!

Meanwhile Abhi was thinking, I hope she liked my voice & also come after me as soon as possible.

Reena who saw Pragya walking to & fro with a notepad wondered what was wrong.

Pragya “He is mad Reena. Now you see I have to make plans.” Reena “What are you blabbering?” Pragya “Let me explain to you. He is going away so I have to make plans.” Reena “Who is going away?”
Pragya “Bee..Bee..” Reena “Who is that?” Pragya in a dreamy tone “My sweet sophisticated sensible star!!” Reena trying not to laugh replied “I don’t get to see the kind of star that u say.” Pragya “This star is specially made for me. Only i can see.”

Reena “I still don’t understand what u are saying.”
Pragya then explained to her whatever happened. Reena hearing it asked “How did he get his voice back??” Pragya “I don’t know. That’s not important to me.” Reena “He is important to you right?” Pragya “Haan Reena…” Reena “So was he telling a lie that he can’t speak?” Pragya “He don’t like lies.” Reena “Does that means he won’t lie?” Pragya “You are trying to confuse me. I am clear that he likes me. He had this inferior of not being able to talk. That’s why he never accepted to marry me when I asked for it. But now he is going away somewhere.”

Reena “Hmm…what’s your thought on him calling you then texting u?”

Pragya “He does like this before too but in different circumstances. Like he will ask the person beside to talk on behalf of him. If not ask the person to send a message to avoid someone.”

Reena “It means you think he is now avoiding u?”
Pragya “Yes Reena, that’s why I am intending to make plans of searching for him.”

Reena in shock “Searching Alone??”
Pragya “Ya what’s wrong in this??”
Reena “Do you know where he would have gone in the first place?”
Pragya shrugged her shoulder as no.

Reena “He is not mad. You are mad Pragya.”
Pragya pleasantly “Mad about him…”
Reena “I won’t allow for this. What about your work then?”
Pragya “I am going to take a break!! Don’t worry I will be dropping by his house. I would ask Dadi about this too.”

Reena “What is if he had bring her along too??”
Hearing that Pragya gasped in shock.

Reena “Let me come with you too. I don’t think it’s a good idea to go to a big house alone.”

Pragya “That means I won’t know where he went?” She asked sadly.

Reena “Hopefully you will get some way to know about his whereabouts.”

Reena “Why are you crying now???” Pragya “You won’t understand this.This is the biscuit he eats. He left it for me…..Can’t you see how much love he has for me?”

Pragya took the biscuit in her hand.

Reena “Eat na…why are you keeping it in your hand?”

Pragya “Not now…Once I see him, then I will eat. I will only eat it when he feeds me.”

Reena irked “By then it will be expired!!”

Pragya “Please Reena…our love have no expiry date. This biscuit is the symbol of our love. It’s easy to break but our love is not about breaking. It is about eating this together.”

Reena unable to tolerate her filmy dialogues was about to leave the room when she saw something that caught her attention.

To be continued….

Thank u for reading.

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