In your silence…. (KKB) Chapter 6

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Pragya walks in with full speed. Dadi “Where are you going at this speed??”

Pragya “He is upstairs right??”

Dadi “Haan Pragya but he is sleeping.”

Pragya “No Dadi he is acting!!! He don’t likes to lie but he will act very well. That I know!!”

Dadi “Ok….tell me what happened first!”

Pragya said she will tell her later but now her first & foremost thing to do is talking to him.

She opened the unlocked door. Abhi was closing his eyes as tight as he could by hugging his pillow.

Pragya “Waah what an acting ah Mr Abhi!!!”

Abhi rolled himself so that his back was facing her.

Prague shook her head in disbelief. She managed to take the jug of water & poured on his back.

Abhi jerked at her action & looked away when she was looking at him furiously.

Pragya “Abhi, What’s all this? I know you like to talk to me. I can see it in your eyes. I am just telling u that we can talk like this for lifelong. Can’t u understand?”

Abhi, Is it that easy as u say? It will be only you talking & not me.

Pragya “I understand that it is not easy for you. To me it’s very easy as your response is what I look out for. Can’t you realize for yourself that u react the most than any famous actor in the whole world??”

Abhi remained silent but was still looking at her.

Pragya “Oh so this is what u are going to do? Just staring at me??”

Abhi slightly nodded his head earning a sigh from Pragya.

Pragya “Abhi, your silence never depreciates you like you are thinking. It’s only appreciating your life. Try to understand that.”

Abhi raised his eyebrows in surprise.

Pragya “Well, that is what I believe & if you give me a chance to be in your life then I will make u believe a lot of things.”

Abhi, No Fuggy….we can’t be together.

Pragya “Offo!! Don’t give that can’t be together face!!!”

Abhi was taken aback. Once again, she knew what he was thinking.

Pragya sharply said “I know what you think as I always think about you. Did you get that?? I mean Always….”

Abhi taking his wet pillow looked at it sadly.

Pragya “You can feel sad for pillow but not for this Pragya whose lap was like a pillow for you when you fell down!!!”

Abhi looked unable to believe she still remembers the incident he had a fall when he was 5 years old. After that he cried a lot & Pragya offered her lap to lie down his head. He was so scared seeing the bruises on his leg. Pragya was one of them who calmed him down and made him sleep.

Even his Ma who was around was amazed of their bonding at that time.

Pragya “Is it done?? Enough of your flashback mania. I want to know our future now!!!”

She said in a demanding tone.

Abhi, Why is she like this? I need time to accept all this. Only today she said she want to marry me. I need time to think. Why can’t she understand this??

Pragya “Mr Abhi, I am going off to Netherlands in a week. That is your time limit to tell that will u marry me or not!! Dadi will be absolutely fine with this. Now it’s your turn to decide.”

Abhi looked lost hearing that as Pragya walked out of the room.

Pragya coming back “Remember if you never say yes to me then nobody will say yes to you!!

Abhi opening his mouth widely could only be froze in shock of her statement.

Then Pragya walked away from there.

Abhi, She is behaving as if I can’t find anyone except for her. What if I find someone else? But will I be able to find someone like her?

He went into deep thoughts by entering the closet to get changed.

Pragya “What?? I can’t hear you!! Who is this??”
Abhi “ I am Abhi!!! Don’t search for me!! I got my voice back and I am disappearing!!!” Pragya “Huh?? Can you tell clearly??”

Call ended….

Later, she received a message which he said just now. He got his voice back & disappearing.

Pragya, There he started it again!!!

Abhi, I hope she liked my voice & also come after me as soon as possible.

Reena “Who is that?” Pragya “My sweet sophisticated sensible star!!” Reena “I don’t get to see the kind of star that u say.” Pragya “This star is specially made for me. Only i can see.”

To be continued….

I am sorry everyone. Was affected by mood swings and health issues. Couldn’t write anything. Thought of being like that but again my crazy mind wants to write for craziness. Update might be lame too. Sorry for that. Abhigya sis, I won’t forget u or anyone from here even if u all forget me. Lately I am unable to reply everyone, sorry for that. Will try to reply if possible. As usual, thank u for reading. About next update it will come according to my mood (Hopefully it will be soon for u all).

One More information: Aiza who wrote Trust true love will be back tmr. She was busy for the past few days.

That’s all & Bye from Mood Moaner Maya (MMM)

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