In your silence…. (KKB) Chapter 3

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She was staring at him lost in her own world & he didn’t know how to approach her when she is staring at him.

Abhi waved his hand in front of her. Even his movement of hand made her feel as if he is caring for her.

Abhi patted on her shoulder. She in return smiled widely.

That’s when Dadi came in and asked “Who is she Abhi?”

She came back to senses. All the while she was imagining him caring for her & speaking to her.

Abhi made a blown up face using his mouth to tell its Fuggy.

Dadi couldn’t understand it.

“I am Pragya Dadi. From Delhi….beside your house…do you remember now?”
She asked hoping that Dadi still remembers her.

Dadi in surprise “Fuggy!!! What a surprise!! Even in temple just now I was having the thought of you!!! I can’t believe u came here now.”

Dadi was very happy, she was about to hug Pragya when Abhi stopped her by holding Dadi’s hand.

Both Pragya and Dadi looked at him. They wondered why is he behaving like this.

Abhi having his hand over stomach showed that Pragya is pregnant.

Dadi was shocked. Pragya biting her lower lips looked away.

Dadi “Are you married Pragya? When did you got married? Who is your husband?”

Pragya, Both are same. Both are thinking alike!! I know he thinks I am married after telling I am pregnant. Then Dadi also thinks the same. Why should anyone get married to be pregnant? Even unmarried girls can be pregnant

Pragya was thinking it in silence. Both Dadi & Abhi looked at each other as her silence was making them confused.

Pragya “Dadi…I came here to see him. I am the interior designer who designed everything here. He hadn’t seen me in person & all our conversations were through emails. He gave me his feedback lately in response I sent him something. For that he didn’t reply. I was impatient for his reply & that made me arrive here.” She said in a go.

Dadi “All that is okay Pragya. But when did u got married?” She asked by sitting beside Pragya.

Pragya sighed looking at Abhi. He was looking at her suspiciously. Seeing that she tried to act being very sad.

Pragya “Leave that Dadi… it’s a long story that is of no importance now.”

Abhi gestured to Dadi that ask her to tell & they can wait to listen to her story no matter how long it is.

Dadi was about to explain to Pragya when she said “I can understand that both of you want to know about me out of the concern towards me. But I am not in a situation to tell about myself. Please try to understand Dadi.”

Dadi held her hand as a sign of understanding that she won’t ask anything further.

Abhi looked shocked when Pragya tried to get up from the bed saying it would be better if I leave now.

Dadi & Abhi frowned at Pragya.

Pragya “Arrey what have I done wrong that both of u are looking at me fiercely?”

Dadi “Then what Pragya? You know we have concern towards you but never think that how would we be feeling now. You look weak. How do u even expect us to leave from here at this time? Can’t you see it’s very late at night?”

Pragya remained silent hearing it. Abhi gestured towards Dadi to take care of her & he will get something for them to eat.

Pragya “ Abhi…Can I talk to you alone?”
Abhi was taken aback hearing it. Dadi smiled in response by leaving the room.

Dadi “ Abhi, she is your childhood friend & will have stories to share with you. Let me get something all of us to eat.”

She left saying it. Meanwhile Abhi looked uncomfortable.

Pragya “I won’t eat you Bee…Bee…”
She said looking at him with a teasing smile.

Abhi, She still haven’t let go of that name. Its so embarrassing when she calls me that way.

Pragya “So sorry…what to do? I got used to it calling u Bee…Bee…actually it’s your fault! Who asked you to introduce yourself as Bee…Bee…when you were young?” She chuckled saying it & remembered how Abhi mispronounced his name as Bee…Bee…from that day onwards Pragya call him Bee…Bee…

Abhi smiled thinking of those days when he used to run after her for teasing his name even after they were in high school.

Pragya “You are thinking about past na…”

Abhi looked surprises of how she read her mind.

Pragya “You know…those days are precious…”

Abhi agreed by nodding his head.

Pragya “Well all I want to tell you is, you turned out to be exceptionally handsome. May I know what’s the secret?”

Abhi blushed hearing it to which Pragya “Hai Bhagwan, you even know how to blush??”

Abhi made an expression of asking her to stop talk like this.

Pragya “Okok then you want me to know about me right?”

Abhi instantly nodded his head with eagerness.

Pragya “I knew it. Your silence told me you want answers from me. My personal life is all about running yaar.”

Abhi looked confused hearing it.

Pragya “Let me explain. People say we must face whatever obstacles we have. We shouldn’t run from them. It’s also said it is stupidity to run from problems. However, I feel running is the only solution.”

Abhi never knew this is going to be a serious conversation. She sounded very serious as she was talking.

“I was running and running then running again in life”. She said sorrowfully.

Abhi, When will she stop running? Is she some sprinter to run forever? Even they stop for a break.

Like as if reading his mind she said,“I did stopped running but…stopping is also a kind of running…”

Abhi, If I stay here longer by listening to her then I will be running first.

Pragya looking at him “You thinking whatever I am telling as intolerable…”

Abhi shook his head as no.

Pragya in a louder tone “No Abhi, I can see it clearly. You are thinking why is this irritating idiot is telling about running when she said she is going to tell about her personal life!!!”

Abhi felt like telling he does find her a bit cliche. But that doesn’t mean he finds her irritating.

Pragya in frustration yelled “You spoiled my mood! Just get out of here. Leave me alone!!!”

Abhi was taken aback at her sudden unexpected behaviour.

Dadi managed to hear their conversation as the door was not closed completely.

Dadi, Pragya is not telling the truth. She is telling lies. But why? Doesn’t she know Abhi hates people who tell lies?

Pragya was seen crying while Abhi was still sitting where he was. He was thinking what’s wrong with her?

To be continued…..

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