In your silence…. (KKB) Chapter 2

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Abhi returns home. Dadi had informed him that she will be late to home. It was raining heavily & the car she went in had broke down on the way to home. The driver said it might take a while for the mechanic to come & fix it too.

Abhi felt lonely. He needs to hire some helpers for the house. He never really had to as usually his Dadi will do everything and he will also help her whenever he can in their previous small house.

Now it’s a big house & Dadi might not be able to do all the chores over here single handedly.

Abhi freshened up himself. He then headed to the kitchen to grab something to eat.

That’s when he heard that creepy sound.

Abhi, What’s that? Dadi is still not around. What is the sound that feels like footsteps. I can’t even ask who is that.

He found a cucumber stick in the fridge.

I hope this would be a good weapon to attack. It could be a burglar.

His friend had told him that this area have burglar’s presence.

He hold onto the cucumber stick strongly. He walked slowly not to alert the burglar.

“Bee Bee…” She said from a distance.

I have heard this before. When did I?
He tried to think by remembering hardly.

Is it her? It’s impossible. She was in Delhi! How could she be here?

He pondered when she ran passed him.

Abhi jumped in fear by dropping the cucumber stick onto the floor while she ran back to him & asked “How are you??”

Abhi, Oh god she is here now that too when Dadi is not around. Does she know that I can’t speak now?

He thought by looking at her.

“Cheer up! I know everything Bee Bee…I heard from your friend. Your friend is mine as well. Then you know what? I was really worried after losing touch with you. Our whole neighborhood was sad after you left to here. Thank goodness my bhagya made me a interior designer & that too the top in this city. I know very well you will choose the best which was me. You got to be blessed that I agreed to do this. It was so much of fun. Did you realized? When I was small I said it’s my dream to build your house as your house was very small. I didn’t built now but I designed it. What a wonderful thing na.”

Abhi still couldn’t believe his eyes. This same girl who irritates him is now in his house. Her face exactly looks the same except that now she is more beautiful & had put on weight too.

Abhi was being totally shocked.

“Coming to the point, I am here to get a reply. Could u reply me back properly? If not pass me your number so that I can chat with you in whatsapp.” She demanded.

Abhi, Ridiculous. Why can’t she ask me this at daytime?

He was about to turn away in frustration when she called his name “Abhi….Bee…Bee…” she was about to faint.

Abhi rushed to her. He held her by waist before she could fall. She looked into his worried eyes.

“I am pregnant Abhi…” She said before closing her eyes.

Abhi, She is married?? Pregnant too? I need to call the doctor now.

He carried her in his arms. She could hear his heartbeat that she yearns for. She enjoyed that moment a lot.

Abhi placed her on the center of bed. He then took out his phone & called doctor for help.

Doctor arrived. She did a check up on her. It was surprising that why Abhi gestured to her that she was pregnant when she was not.

He might have assumed wrongly. It’s better to inform him before he gets worried.

That was the Doctor’s thought.

“Doctor, please tell him I am pregnant. He already lost his voice in shock of an accident. Now if he knows that I am not conceived with his child, he might be shocked & lose his mind. I can’t bear to see that doctor. I beg you doctor. Please tell him I am pregnant.” She pleaded by holding the doctor’s hand.

Doctor in surprise asked “Conceived with his child? Is he married?”

“Yes doctor he is married to me but you know in this glamour & glitz world he works in, it’s only cool to be single. That’s why he had hidden changed his marital status to single.” She said sadly looking down.

Doctor “I will never support this. Is this how he lives? He is such an idiot to hide his marriage life!”

“Don’t say like that Doctor. He is a gem. He could have hide his marital status but he never hides the care for me as u can see how he called u on time.” She said showing her affection towards him.

Doctor “I have nothing to say. It’s all because of wives like you that husbands like him hide their marriage life & live a fun life with a lots of girls.”

She again requested her to tell him she is pregnant. The Doctor finally agreed considering that she looks like her younger sister & also hoping that Abhi would take more care of her if she is being told as pregnant.

She smiled victoriously after the Doctor leaving out.

Abhi then came in. He saw her holding her hip with both hands as if looking in pain.

Now he doesn’t know what to do. He had no choice but had to inform Dadi that she needs to stay here tonight.

She smiled at him. He looking at her asked “Are you ok now Fuggy?”

This is what she needed from him. His concern, his caring look just like the way he used to have for her before.

“I was running & running then running again.” She said sorrowfully.

Abhi, When will she stop running? Is she some sprinter to run forever? Even they stop for a break.

Like as if reading his mind she said,“I did stopped running but…stopping is also a kind of running…”

Abhi, If I stay here longer by listening to her then I will be running first.

To be continued…..

Happy Onam to all Malayalam friends celebrating it.
Wishing all of you happiness, wellness & prosperity!!!

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