In your silence…. (KKB) Chapter 1

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Dadi irked “What have you done Abhi?? What mess have you done?”

Abhi looked around his room. There was nothing that he finds as a mess in his room.

Dadi “Don’t give that confusing face! See where your pillows are!! It’s on the floor and your pants on the dressing table! This is why I said you must marry a girl who orders you and change your messiness!!!”

Abhi looked at her as if he is being scolded badly.

He took the pillow on the floor and hugged it.

Dadi looking it smiled and said, “After you get a wife, u will only hug her not this pillow!!”

Abhi frowned at her for saying like that. He threw the pillow on the bed and walked off from the room.

Abhi again looked at his portrait. His lips curved into a smile and walked down the stairs.

He had a message from his friend,

Hi Abhi! How are you? How’s the house and its designs? You haven’t gave a feedback to the interior designer. She was asking me and I did asked her to email you. But she was scared you are upset with her work and that’s why you never gave any feedback. Do reply her first before replying me.

Abhi smiled seeing it.

Abhi, I thought of replying her yesterday itself but slept in tiredness. Poor girl! She might have worried a lot of thinking of my reaction.

He immediately took out his phone started to type his email.

Abhi sent it and went to kitchen to get some snacks to eat.

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Dadi by then came down and asked “Is this the time to eat snacks? Come and have breakfast first Abhi.”

Abhi gestured that he only wants to eat this.

Dadi shook her head before saying fine but asked him at least to have his milkshake before leaving to work.

Abhi smiled happily before pulling Dadi’s cheeks teasingly.

Dadi gasped at his action and he winked at her.

Abhi heard his phone’s ringtone for email. He left her and checked his phone by walking away.

Dadi, This Abhi still acts like a kid. I really hope I can find a girl for him to change.

Abhi widened his eyes seeing the reply message from the interior designer.

He finds it unbelievable.

He reads the email again.

Dear Mr Abhi

I am glad that you liked my work. I was very worried what was wrong as you never gave me feedback. I was on the verge of leaving this job. You know Mr Abhi, this is my dream project and I can’t afford to fail myself in this. Anyways,thank you for your feedback. Now I can sleep peacefully. Thank you and take care.☺

Signing off
You know who I am!

Abhi, Why is she replying me as if she is my friend? She never replied like this before. Perhaps, thinking too much of my reaction made her react this way.Poor girl!

He had no time to reply her back. He munched his snacks and drank his milkshake by having a milk moustache on him.

Dadi seeing it “Still you are like a kid Abhi!” She said by wiping his milk moustache.

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Abhi as usual gave his puppy like face to look innocent.

As this happened, she was fidgeting her hands and kept on looking at the phone on table.

She was eagerly expecting for the notification of his reply.

If this carries on then I will be hooked to this phone and laptop over there. How long I must keep on check both to make sure I never miss his reply. Why can’t he reply faster? Or why can’t he give his whatsapp number to me!! At least I will have the peace of knowing that he had seen my message. It would be an easier way of communication too. He can simply sent an emoji or gif to acknowledge my message!!

Abhi who was still eating choked continously. No water was able to stop him. Dadi asked who was thinking apart from her?

Abhi composing himself gestured as his grandfather who is worried about him having the torture from her in his place.

Dadi shrieked “Abhi! You na always kidding with me as if I am your friend!”

Abhi gestured she is his friend. In fact, the most beautiful girlfriend he came across in his life.

Dadi keeping the plates said “Acha…Let’s see whether it remains the same after marriage!”

Abhi in return glared for always bringing the marriage topic in everything.

Back to the girl who is having a headache of waiting for Abhi’s reply.

She took out the floor plan of Abhi’s house.

This is the only way to get him reply. Come on girl! This is a life or death situation for you. Win in this and show your girl power!! Jai Ho to me!!

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To be continued……

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