If you stay with me…. part 8

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Hey guys!
Straight to the point.

Rajbeer : Sweety will you get me some water?
Anjali: Of course! I’ll be back.
Rajbeer started talking to himself.
R: Pragya you’re going down.
Anjali came back with the water.
A: Will you keep standing here or come in my room and sit down?
R: Coming.
They go in Anjali’s room. Pragya is already there. She was organising Anjali’s room as her mother said. Pragya had a little talk with her mother before she went in the room about Anjali and Rajbeer.
P: Ma for how long did you know about Rajbeer?
S: For a week or so.
P: What do you think about Rajbeer?
Sarla smiled.
S: Dear why are you asking? Suspicious?

Pragya backed away.
P: No…I’m just…as…ask….asking. No… No …. nothing.
S: I can tell from your face something is wrong. Now tell me what happened?
P: Ma really…..nothing!
S: You can talk about it whenever you feel so, okay?
P: Yes Ma.
Pragya hated lying to her mother.
P: Maybe I will, wait, I’ll have to. Pragya said to herself.
Never In her life had she kept anything from her mother. Can she keep this? Maybe she can but can she? Will it be right to keep this from her mother or will it make matters worse?
Pragya bumped into bulbul across the hallway.
Could she tell it to bulbul? They had told each other secrets since they were kids but they were small secrets. Would bulbul keep this one?
Her thoughts rambled on and she didn’t even realise that bulbul had been shaking her all the time.
B: Di! You all right? What happened?
P: Oh! ………Bulbul! ……..Nothing!
B: Di I know when you’re hiding something.
Was she making it too obvious?
B: Di come here.

Bulbul dragged her into her room.
B: Di spill the beans. Tell me everything.
P: See bulbul I’m a little busy. I’ll tell you afterwards.
Bulbul gave Pragya the deadly stare.
P: Promise.
B: Di you are not going anywhere until you tell me everything.
Pragya sat on the bed. Bulbul came and sat with her.
P: Bulbul something happened in the past.
B: What?
P: The thing that Rajbeer is doing with Anjali.
B: What is Rajbeer doing with Anjali? You’re confusing me. Tell me from the start.
P: Last year..you know na my bff..Aditi.
B: Yes.
P: Last year Aditi who was my bff and we used to spend all the time together. Rajbeer had a crush on me from ever since. He tried to reach me but I ignored him. And he just didn’t had enough. He tried to come close to Aditi and they ended up girlfriend and boyfriend as for aditi. For Rajbeer it was just a way of getting close to me. I knew it so I tried to warn Aditi. But she was so madly in love that she stopped talking to me for misunderstanding Rajbeer. I still tried to safe her but she didn’t let me. And it happened. As Rajbeer saw that we both were not talking and that Aditi won’t even see my face he knew he couldn’t meet me because Aditi won’t let him. So he broke up with aditi. Aditi was so mad in his love that she turned against our 3 year friendship. She came up to me and started shouting at me for making Rajbeer to leave her in front of the whole school. And it ended up…… badly.
Tears started streaming down Pragya’s face. She got up from the bed and was about to leave but bulbul held her wrist.
B: Di what happened next

Pragya started crying loudly.
P: Aditi….ee……ended up su……su…..suiciding. She even left a note on……on…….her bedroom door.
Bulbul hugged her sister.
Till now Pragya had got hiccups. She was crying badly as her own self had been taken away from her.
B: Di I know you don’t wanna talk about it but I need to know everything. What did the note say?
P: I….hic…….hate………hic……. you………hic…….pra…….Pragya.
There was a moment of silence.
B: Di I’m sorry.
P: Bu….bul….bulbul….it….it….wasn’t….I….I….mean….it….is….isn’t….your….f….f….fault.
B: Di first stop crying. You look like someone hit you badly. I know aditi was the half of you but see they say that don’t cry over the past, it’s gone, don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.
P: But…..but…..but
B: Di long breaths. You first wash your face.
P: Bul……bul…….bulbul.
B Di breath.
Pragya inhaled and exhaled.
P: Bulbul I’m fine but I’m just worried about Anjali. I know Rajbeer is just using her.
B: Hmm…Anjali…oh! OH MY GOD!
B: We need to tell Anjali!
As pragya blinked a tear left her eyes and streamed down her face.
P: What if she doesn’t believe me like aditi?
B: You were alone then. Now you have me. Come on di.
Worried was written all over her face.
P: I don’t think so.
B: Di look. Aditi was you best friend but here it’s Anjali, she is your sister!
P: What is the difference bulbul? Aditi was also like my sister!
B: Di Anjali is your own blood. But first we can tell ma. She would help us won’t she?
P: But bulbul our relation was more than a blood relation. She was my light, she was my night, she was the colour of my blood. She was the cure, she was my pain, she was everything. I also wrote a song for her.
B: Can you sing it for me?
Pragya closed her eyes.

It’s so rare to find a friend like you
Somehow when you’re around the sky is always blue
The way we talk
The things you say
The way you make it all okay
And how you know all of my jokes
But you laugh anyway
If I could wish for one thing
I take the smile that you bring
Wherever you go in this world
I’ll come along
Together we dream the same dream
Forever I’m here for you
You’re here for me
oh woah oh Two voices one song
Now every day is something new
And any path we take I’m looking forward to
The way we try and never quit
The way that all the pieces fit
The way we know the parts by heart
And sing out loud
If I could wish for one thing
I take a smile that you bring
Wherever you go in this world
I’ll come along
Together we dream the same dream
Forever I’m here for you
You’re here for me
(oh woah oh) Two voices one song
And anywhere you are
You know I’ll be around
And when you call my name
I listen for the sound
If I could wish for one thing
I take the smile that you bring
With you by my side I can go on
Now I have all that I need
And the sweetest sound will always be
Oh ooh oh two voices one song
Oh ooh oh two voices one song
Oh ooh oh two voices one song

B: Nice. Di?
Pragya’s eyes were still closed.
B: Di come on we need to tell ma.
P: Ummhmm.

But they didn’t know that Sarla was already standing there at the door, had heard all the story and was angry.

Precap: Sarla slaps Rajbeer.
Guys nobody guessed my name. No problem. My name is Ayesha.

So what will happen now?
Lots of suspense.

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