If you stay with me…. part 7

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Hey guys!
I’m back.
So some people from the intro have been not appearing from a few updates.
So here:
( Rachna is Anjali )

P: So you think this is the best time to say I told you so?
B: Look Di before it happens you one last time can spend time with your loved ones.
They heard a voice.
Anjali: Pragya Di!
Pragya turned around to face Anjali.
P: Anjali! I dont see you a lot in college these days.
A: Of course you don’t.
B: Where have you been all these days. You are usually not at home too.
P: Plus you look sad.
A: Of course I do!

P: What happened Anjali?
B: Okay first things first, where have you been all these days?
A: Didn’t ma tell you?
B: No.
Anjali blushes.
A: I’ve been at my Prince Charming’s house.
Bulbul and pragya together: Oh ho hooo.
B: Ek larke ko dekha to essa laga…(when I saw a boy I felt like…)
P: Jesse meri shadi hone wali hai (I am going to get married )
Both started laughing ?.
A: Di right now not even you are married so how will I get married?
B: Haven’t you seen in drama’s that small sister get married first?
A: Yes but they are drama’s not real life!

P: By the way who is this Prince Charming?
A: He is coming home today you can meet him.
B: Does ma know about him?
A: She was the first one to know. And look.!!!!
Anjali took out out a note from her bag.
The cover page was something like this:
She read the card out loud.
Dear Anjali,
I love you a lot!
Sincerely with love,
Your Prince Charming.
A: I get one of these every day.
P: Who is this mystery Man?
A: Just wait and watch.

Time flies and before you know it was evening. The time Anjali’s Prince Charming was arriving.
The bell rang.
Anjali who was getting ready in her room shouted.
A: Pragya Di can you open the door for me please. It should be my Prince Charming!
P: Okay anji!
Pragya opened the door. Her eyes widened.
P: What are you doing over here?
The man at the door is……………………none other than Rajbeer.
R: Didn’t Anjali told you about me?
Anjali came running from the behind.
P: WHAT? Why are you calling him jannu?
A: Because he is my Jannu.

P: He? Yours? You joking right?
A: Di I am not joking but you don’t seem fine.
Pragya turned around.
A: Di?
Pragya ran to her room.
A: What’s wrong with her?
R: Let’s forget it.
Dear Anjali,
Will you be my girlfriend?
With Love,
Prince Charming.

A: Yes! Yes! Yes!
R: Sweety will you get me some water?
A: Of course! I’ll be back.
Rajbeer started talking to himself.
R: Pragya you’re going down.

Guys here is a short update.
Next time I’ll try to write a long one but still hope you like it.

Okay so now my name.
My name is…. A—-a.
Write your guesses in the comment section.
I’ll tell you my name once I reach 16 comments.
And not only my name but I won’t update until I reach at least 11 comments.

Silent readers do comment.

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