If you stay with me…. part 6 teaser

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Hello fellas.
I know I have not updated for a long time I’m sorry for that.
I decided to give you guys a teaser.
So here:
Rotten eggs ? and tomatoes ? or potatoes ? are welcome here.

B: Di….
P: Yes?
B: You have changed……
P: What happened?
B: Your personality has changed.
P: I told you everything you are still asking?
B: Okay so what is your biggest fear?
P: My biggest fear is losing my loved ones.
B: Okay so what will happen to you if your biggest fear comes true?
P: I don’t know….. I guess I’ll………be heartbroken.
B: SEE di you have changed!
P: Now what?
B: First your biggest fear was heights, then your biggest fear fear was darkness and now losing your loved ones!
P: Bulbul, people change.
B: Okay so let’s say your biggest fear is about to come true.
B: Do you know what is after 2 months?
P: Yes, wait ……… nooooooo!
B: Yeeeessssssssss.

2 months later.
Collage graduation day.
Pragya is crying.
Pragya: Bulbul my biggest fear is about to come true!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bulbul: I told you.
P: So you think this is the best time to say I told you so?
B: Look Di before it happens you one last time can spend time with your loved ones.
That heard a voice.
Voice: Pragya?

So this is it.
I’ll say again, Rotten eggs ? and tomatoes ? or potatoes ? are welcome here.
So see ya.

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