If you stay with me…..part 11

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Guys I know you will be angry as I don’t update frequently but what do I do? I don’t get enough time. And that too that I am writing two FF’s. One is this and the other one is Death. Check it out and for the Ones who are waiting for it. I’ll post it soon.
So to the story.

Pra: Abhi wanted to talk to me about something.
Bul: About what?
Pra: About me going to Pune.
Bul: What did you say.
Pragya told bulbul about everything.

After a 13 minute drive they reached a club.
When they were about to enter the club Purab stopped.
Pu: Guys I think I forgot my phone in the car. I’ll be right back.
Bu: I’ll come with you.
They both went towards the car.
After 15 seconds when Purbul had left Abhi’s phone started ringing.

Abhi POV.
Why is Purab calling me? He is just 10 meters away. What is wrong with him? Maybe something turned up. I should go and check but how can I leave pragya alone as I know all about the drunk men around here. I’ll take her with me. My phone is again ringing. I shall text him.

What’s up?

Why are you not picking up my phone?

You are just 5-10 meters away. Why are you calling me?

Hey I have a idea. I’ll tell you. But you need to come here and don’t bring Pragya.

How can I leave her with all these drunk men around here?

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So then I can text you the plan?

Okay ?.

(The rest of the chat can’t be show now).

But I can’t do that to her can I?

It’ll be fun.

No, I m not in.

Do what you want to by your self.

Abhi turned around to see Pragya talking with a girl.
P: I thought you lived in Pune.
Pune? Abhi thought.
Girl: Yes. I came here with my brother. He is here for some work. When are you coming to Pune?
P: A week later.
Girl: So we’ll meet again.
P: Ummhmm. Do you have any plans?

G: No just here waiting for my brother.
P: You could party with me and my friends.
G: I don’t know.
P: Come on it’ll be fun.
G: Okay then.

P: Yeah!
The girl leaned on closer to Pragya as if she is going to tell her a secret.
G: Pragya Do you realise that a man there is staring at you and me.
Pragya looked around to se who it was. She gave a smile to the girl.
P: That’s one of a my friends.
G: He’s so handsome!
P: Don’t even think about it!
G: Why?
Pragya blushed.
P: He’s already occupied.
G: Oh I see.

Abhi felt a hand on his shoulder.
He turned around and saw Purab and bulbul.
Bu: Purab do you smell something is burning?
Pu: Yes bubbly. I think it’s coming from my front.

Hearing this Pragya and the Girl with her started staring Abhi who was running around like a mad person.
And then he got it.
Bulbul and Purab were trying to tease him about Pragya with another girl.
He stopped and came back. Bulbul now started to laugh madly. Pragya was going crazy as she cared about first impressions a lot and a
Was starting to feel awkward. She cleared her throat loudly. No everybody stood still.
P: Tanu let me introduce you to my friends Abhi, bulbul and Purab.
Ab & Pu & Bu: Tanu?

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Precap: Pragya who was drunk insultes a man to which the man smiles evilly and…

Sorry for the short update.
Death will be posted soon.
Guys I so sorry ??????????? for the late updates.
I am really busy these days.
I hope you understand.

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