If only I am yours….(KKB) two shots… to few shots (2)

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Why do they have to wait for love when love awaits for them?

Pragya walked passed his house and looked at it with a lot of meanings that she had felt being with him…..The meanings that tells their love story….The meanings of love….the meanings of life….the meanings of happiness….the meanings of sadness….

Abhi looked at her from the balcony and rushed out of his house to see her.

Pragya looked at him running towards her. She ran away from him not wanting him to follow her. He stopped running seeing her running away in fear. Pragya from a distance looked at him standing by breathing heavily.

I am sorry for my actions but this is what would bring us apart….the loss of hope that I am not yours will be the only way to avoid me…

Abhi turned back and walked towards his house and was keep on looking back until she disappeared from his sight.

Is this why I feel there is meaning in my life with your presence and now it’s meaningless without u….

Why can’t u feel I am yours and you are mine and when both of us are together there is love living with us?

If this longing for love is what u want then I am waiting Pragya with the longing for your love….

Pragya reached her house and looked at his diary silently.

This is your life Abhi….Your family is your life…they don’t want us to be together then why are u waiting for me?

Abhi looking at her diary silently and felt I know u are doing this for me….

But why can’t u give me a chance to speak to u? Why are u running away from me? You know that I won’t stop u running away from me….Is that why u are doing this?

Pragya hugging his diary close to her chest was thinking, I know u won’t stop me running away from u…I know u won’t stop your love….I know you won’t stop your love doing anything even if it’s against you….that much u love me…..that much u treat me as your love….
Abhi going back to the balcony imagined her standing outside his house looking at her.
Abhi, With a quivering heart and nerves aflame, whom does your unwavering eyes look for? Why are u here beauty?
Pragya standing in front of the mirror imagined looking at him standing closely beside her.
Pragya, Why are you caressing me like a breeze and vanishing before my eyes can capture you?
As time passed, they could only imagine each other but what makes them to not talk to each other?

A couple of years back,
Pragya was walking pass his house and was standing near a shop. He was looking at her from the same balcony. He smiled at her and she too smiled not looking at him.
Abhi silently passed her a flying kiss and she seeing that tried to avoid it by moving away. It made him upset and turned back. Pragya looked worried that he was upset because of her action. She was keep on hoping that he would turned to look at her as she was running out of time. She had to leave and before that he should look at her if not her day would be incomplete.

She was impatiently waiting for him to turn back when his mother came there and pulled his ears for standing in the balcony for so long. Abhi was now facing Pragya with a sheepish smile that made Pragya chuckled silently. Abhi looking at that forgot the pain given by his mother and was keep on giving a goofy smile on his face.
His mother gave a deadly stare to Pragya and signalled her to go away. Pragya got scared looking at her and ran away from there.
It was when Abhi and Pragya getting used to this kind of meetings that day decided to propose each other.

At one particular night, Pragya came near his house and signalled him to come out of his house. He too making sure his mother was not aware of that went out of the house. Pragya “I have to tell you something….” Abhi “I also have to tell you something!” Pragya “Then come with me!” Abhi “How can I? You know my Ma always scold me for looking at u! She is saying because of u my grades have dropped!” Pragya “Same here!!” Abhi “Your mother also says the same thing?” Pragya “Hmm…” Abhi “Shall we study together?” Pragya “Good idea!!! But I think I am in love with you!!” Abhi “Same!!! I also feel I love u!!” Pragya “Then how???” Abhi seductively said “Then now….” Pragya “Faster tell!! Your mum can come at any time!!” Abhi “Okok! Then now can u kiss me to confirm our love??” Pragya “Ok!” By saying that she kissed him on his cheeks

Pragya’s face turned crimson red in shyness. Pragya with a blush said “This is my first time….” Abhi “For me this is second time….so I am ok!” Pragya in shock stared at him. Abhi realizing what he had admitted tried to cover up with a lie “I mean my previous time is for a drama….a girl kissed me….but it was not this long…..” Pragya “Oh I see…..” Abhi “Give me your number!!”Pragya told her number and he remembered it. Abhi “I will call u later….” Pragya “Okay….” Abhi pushed her and ask her to leave now….
Pragya smilingly walked away from there and was keep on remembering her kiss to him….

Pragya looking at his diary could only remember their most childish way of accepting each other.
I asked you whether you are ready to live in my shadow but you said you are ready to live as my shadow.
How do I even say that if I am with you then your family won’t accept you?

Abhi flipping the pages of her diary said if u think that my family won’t accept me if u are with me then u are wrong…..they will accept you as long u can accept me wholeheartedly.

Abhi closed her diary and decided to go in her way to accept her. I know all this while you had been avoiding me and I was looking at your avoidance as my presence in your life. But now my avoidance will show how much u are present in my life now.

To be continued……

Hi friends! Actually I wrote this quite some time back but forgot to upload it! Then I had already decided this to be few shots as I again have hand pain!!! Ya this time its irritating and I am going to see doctor if not my mum will keep on nag at me!! She is already nagging…ok bye guys! I will update the nxt one by Sunday..I hope so 😉

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