I will make you mine. part-23

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Abhi is looking outside..

Like a river..my life too flows..without any destination..no…. river have a destination its sea..but whats mine..will my destination is in pragya??? Abhi just close his eyes and think about his destination…he sees pragya..and opened his eyes in shock..is that true ?? It wont…i have no destination…i have no meaning in life and i dont want that..whatever is there..just things go on like that..no need of anyone..

Just then abhi noticed pragya coming towards him..

Pragya stands beside him …

Abhi everywell knew that she is going to tell something..and he wait for that…as he knew it will be reflection on the event just happen before..


Oh she calls me abhi..that means that suniyee go away..

Abhi..i.have decided .


To give a chance to you…

Chance means..??

Iam going to forget all my past and going to be lived in present ..the one which i consider just a tag is going to part of my life..iam going surrender myself before you..that means..iam ready to start a new life..


Abhi..just make me yours…

Hey fuggi..are you talking all this in the sense..look you will lose in challenge…you are  going surrender yourself before me..

Pragya has  no change in her facial expression..fuggi..do you forget the day i married you on that night i told you na..you will come yourself and tell me to take me as yours..then i will won in the change making you mine…

Haa..abhi..you will na..thats a  big deal right..the great abhishek prem mehra..the rockstar..havent fail infront of anyone right..so here too happened same ..you won and i lose..but iam happy in this lose..

Fuggi..are you talking all this in the sense ..do you knew what will happen..i will make your life a  living hell..you must like my slave..

Haa..i have no problem in that..because i love you..

Fuggi..for this stupid so called love you are ready to play with your life…

Hey abhi..why you think and care this much about me..its what you want na..you get it..then whats the big deal..and about the thing you said..abhi..already iam playing with my life right..so this step wont hurt me as now iam ready to bear all this..just give me the answer abhi..will you make me yours..will you be mine…??

Abhi look at pragya..she is very much determined about what she do.

No…i cant..i cant..i dont need you as part of my life..i dont want anyone…i will be like this for life long…

No abhi..thats not possible..you married me to take your revenge right..then do.it man ..why are you waiting for iam all set ready for it..

No fuggi..i dont want to complete that stupid revenge..

What stupid revenge..you all that stupid..because of that so called stupid revenge everything happen in our life..

Pragya..i have decided one thing..

What ????

Iam going to give you divorce..i dont want you as part of my life anymore..

Hahaha…abhi..you cant divorce me before competing 1 year ..and about that matter you only cant take a decision..there is my part too..

What ever it is..i decided..we are going to get divorced..

K…whatever it is ..i too decided ..i wont gave that..

Lets see..

There is nothing to see suniye..good night…pragya leaves..

What the hell all this..again she is dominating against..when ever i make her fall in a trap..she make me fall in 2 traps…now she even ready to be with me in all means..hows that possible..from where she get this much courage …hey abhi..dont think too much as you wont get answer from the day you married her..from that day onwards you are thinking the same..each day the courage in you is getting down by down and in her in getting high by high…

With this thought abhi enters his room and get shocked seeing pragya on his bed…

What the hell is this..why are you lying here..who gave you this permission..

For your kind information suniyee..for lying on the bed in which my husband sleep ..i dont need permission ..because iam his wife ..and about the hell..i dont knew ..you consider your home so..its not mistake..

Look fuggi..this is not time to fun..i need to sleep just move on…

I too want to tell the same..come suniye..lets sleep..she points towards the place beside her..

What?? We 2 in same bed….no..that wont happen..

Oh if so..then you need to moveon to couch..oh here no couch too..

Where is my couch??

I knew  you will suggest couch so i shift that to next room and if you gone out purbul and tanu are there and will see you and its your duty to explain..


My opinion is this..you just share this bed with me..

No…i wont..

I knew you wont…i knew your weakness..

Weakness…???what weakness you are talking about…

Suniyee…nowadays iam watching different colours of my husband..and this weakness is one  among that colour..

Fuggi..i knew you are lecturer and dont like anything to tell directly..but i dont like this puzzle..can you tell what weakness you are talking about..

K..i will tell directly..you just come and sit on bed..dont worry i wont attack you..

Iam not afraid about you..pragya giggles by hearing it..

K..let me tell about that weakness..the so called rockstar abhishek prem mehra..who is heart throb of everyone..havent gave any value for girls..who use them and thrown into trash as a big weakness which he hides from everyone that is..till now he is a virgin…

Episode ends..

Guys…iam going to create a new account and will update my story through that as becuaseof some technical problem iam unable to update and iam fed up off trying again and again..thats why this delay happening

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