I will make you mine. part-22

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So back to story ….happy reading..❤❤❤

Why i feel that again she is planning something..oh god why girls are like this..no one can understand them ..only they knew whats there inside their heart.. anyway abhi beta..you must really be careful.must take each step carefully..otherwise will fall on fuggis trap..

Suniye..are you dreaming..look we have reached airport na..shall we go..

Haa..iam coming..

Thanks alot aju..its really means lot..

.dont thank me yaar..its my duty na..anyway nice to meet you both and wish you both a happy life ahead…

K aju..thanks man…abhigya enters airport..

Screen shifted to flight ..

Abhi and pragya are in private compartment..only they both are there..abhi is listening to music..while pragya is busy in something..she is drawing something…and smiling continously..

Abhi too seen that..but he cant see what she was drawing..as her work finished ..he again hold abhis hand and lean towards his shoulder…abhi take off his walkman ..

Till now..you are busy and now resting…

Oh suniye..that means you miss me..

No..i didnt mean so..i was asking what was you doing in it..pointing at a notepad..

Oh..that..i will show you…


Yes..have you seen it before….

Fuggi..what is this..what this mean..

Why abhi..dont you like this…this is just same as the tatoo which you made here..pragya moves her hand towards his chest..
Abhi block her hand..

That i knew..why you draw that now..

Iam madly in love with it suniyee..

What??look dont try to irik me..just allow me to take rest from all this..

Pragya smiles…

Soon their flight landed …purbul along with tanu..was waiting for them..

Di…bulbul ran and hug pragya..

How are you bulbul..did you miss me..or enjoying with these..

You are too bad di.you very well knew that i miss you so much but you ..

Oh my pyaari bulbul..iam just kidding na..pragya side hug bulbul..

Bhabhi..have you forget me and tanu seeing your bahan..

Oh puru no man..how can i and hug purab and tanu..

So nobody here care for me right all turn to see who is that ..its none otherthan abhi..

Oh meri bhai..dont get jelaous yaar..

Jiju..how can i forget you..

Abhi…dont you feel you are complaining like a kid..you have travelled alot its not your first trip..you always travel around leaving us..

Hey..tanu..look my jiju feel bad..jiju lets go..all leaves and enter mehra mansion..

Pur;you both take rest may be feel tired by travel..

Ta;ya..todays dinner was by puru , bulbul and by mine..so take a quick fresh and meanwhile we will arrange everything..

Abhigya leave to room..abhi moves to washroom..when he comes out he sees pragya with all her lugages …

Whats going on here…

Nothing iam just arranging things..

That i knew..iam asking you why your belongings are here..

Oh ..that thing…suniye…iam your wife right..and so this is our room..and so my things should be here na..

Look pragya..i dont knew what happened to you all of sudden. And dont knew why you are behaving so..i think i must clear my point of view now..try as much you can but anything between us is going to change..and one more thing the interest which i have for you have gone now..

Oh so sad abhi..you may lose that interest now..but do you knew one thing..i gained some interest now..


Ah..now i truely..madly loves you..and i am ready to be your wife now..

Wife?? Dont think so mrs.pragya arora…

Sorry mrs.abhishek prem mehra..iam not miss pragya now..iam mrs.pragya abhishek prem mehra..

Do you think that you can win by making me lose…

Ofcourse ..i will..

Lets see ..you cant be my wife ever..only you will have that tag only..

Iam feel really bad for you abhi..as you are going to lose this challenge..i will be your wife in all means..and i will make you mine soon..

It was that time purbul enters..

Di…why everything so mess up..

Oh bul..actually i havent get time to arrange everything na.iam now just doing so..

Bhabhi..dont worry we will help you..

They arrange everything soon..abhi watch this all without uttering a word..

Bul;di…now everything finished na..come soon for dinner..

Pr;we will come soon..purbul leaves..

Pragya turn towards abhi..so abhi..look how easy for me to do all this.look you cant even tell a word against this na..

Look..you may succeed now..but i wont allow to happen again…

K pathidev..lets see..now just come with me for dinner..all are waiting for us na..

Abhigya enters the dinning hall …all are already there with food..

Pr;you all sit…i will serve for you all..

Pragya started to serve food and sits opposite to abhi…beside bulbul..

All started to enjoy delicious food..but something is disturbing one among them..its our abhi…there is different feelings are moving through his face…abhi just look down…and look at pragya with glare..but there is naughtiness in pragyas face..

(Do you guys want to knew..k i will tell )

Pragya is disturbing abhi by seducingly touching his legs with hers..she moves his legs through his tracksuit pant which he wearing which make a chillness in his body..

Bul;jiju..you havent tell anything about our food..

Ab;vo..vo…as abhi try to speak pragya moves further which makes his eyes widen..till now he havent seen such a crazy side of pragya..

Pur;what vo..vo..cant you tell..

Pr;he cant tell i will tell my comments its delicious..tasty..yummy..good job guys..

Ta;abhi..is always like this ..he cant praise us thats why i like you more pragya..

Pr,dont worry tanu..for that iam here will always support you..

Pur;bhabhi..what about that assignment..

Bul;whuch assignment which you are talking purab..

Pur;bulbul..dont you knew about that..bhabhi is going to start her career in acting as well as modelling..

Bul;what?? And look at pragya in anger..di..you dont talk with me ..iam nothing for you now..

Tanu,wow..thats a good news yaar..why you hide that pragya..

Pr;sorry tanu..actually it happen while our trip and i thought to tell you when i return as surprise..

Pur;oops..sorry bhabhi..i make your plan floop na..

Pr;its k purab..bulbul..look your..di havent hide anything with you which makes you happy na..i wish to tell you directly thats why please forgive your di…pragya pleaded before as kid ..pleading before her maa for mistake..

Ab;(in mind) how cute she is na..she pleading before her as she caught while her mission..how many faces you have fuggi..till now you are surprising element for me..each day showing different colours of you…abhis thought process get a break with bulbuls reply.

Iam forgiving you this time..but kabhi bi..kisi vakth mein..repeat like this..dont hide anything from me di..i cant bear that..

Pragya hugs bulbul..i promise you i wont hide anything and look at abhi..

Abhi can read what her eyes is speaking…its because of you abhi..iam giving a fake promise to my bulbul..

Yes ..she is right its all because of me she is like this..she is bearing all this..abhi gets up and leaves…

Screen shifted to balcony..

Abhi is looking outside..

Like a river..my life too flows..without any destination..no river have a destination its sea..but whats mine..will my destination is in pragya???

Episode ends…

Thanks everyone ..who support me till now..sorry i havent reply for your comments in previous one..but will do for this…

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