I will make you mine. part-21

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What?? Is this all dream or she is just acting…yes she is acting only ..otherwise how can she book tickets for return journey..i dont understand what she really is..always make me amused by her behaviour..i thought something but she will come by other way..as i told all the truth on wedding night…i thought she will totally broken..but no..she wont..when i behave her like this yesterday..i thought she  must show me an arrogant face..but there she come up with smile..how can a person act like that…is this again her plan…pragya why you behave like this to me..its because of you iam in this state ..when i look into your eyes..the arrogant king inside me get melt away..it tell me that whatever iam believing was true..but the fact on the otherside make me to feel that iam in the side of truth only..

Abhi…who much time you will sit like that ..we have to go na..she shouts…

Iam coming..he shouts back..when abhi enters his room , he seen pragya who was arranging his things on bag..

Fuggi..what are you doing..i have told you na that i will do everything..

Abhi..its my right ..

Your right means??

Abhi ..look are you trying to irritate me..look all these are duties of wife..

Duties of wife??

Iam your wife right ..so whats there to be in shock..my pyaari pathi just go and take fresh quick  we want to leave..

Pragya..dont make me anger
.what all this..why are you doing all this ..that to for a person who havent consider you as a wife..

Pragya smiles..abhi..may be you havent consider me so..but iam your wife thats a fact..husband will be bad..but its wives duty make them turn good..

So are you trying to change me into Normal person..

Its not a try abhi..soon you will become like my husband which i wish to see in you..

So..you are trying to change me as you like..

Ofcourse baby..she winks at him.

Pragya..did you have any memory loss or anything..look ..you knew very well about me..then too you are challenging me.

Of course my pyaari hubby..you can take it as challenge..i will turn you to a Normal person who only knew one thing that is too love everyone especially  me..omg look time is flying away .so please get ready fast..oh are you not ready for that..ok then come my baby…i will make you to bath..she takes the towel and move towards abhi..

Hey crazy..are you gone mad..stay there..abhi takes the towel and rushes to washroom.

Ab;oh thank god..she was too determinant..that i can see in her eyes..if i wont then may be she..but how..how can she soon change like that..what i blabber yesterday..abhi..beta ..when ever you drunk alot dont knew about what you speak..but i think i must talk something that made her so..but whats that..

Suniye..are you bathing or not..did you my help..pragya knocks on door..

Abhi soon starts his shower and take fresh..when he comes out he sees pragya has already arranged his dress..

Did she really turn to wife avatar…did i blabber about my weakness yesterday..

Abhi..what weakness you are talking about..abhi turns and sees pragya..abhi get amazed by seeing her…

(Do you guys want to knew why..k let me tell)

She is drooling at me..oh god. Really something happen..

Fuggi..why are you here..just leave i want to change my dress..

You can do that hereitself na..

What infront of you..no..you just go outside .

Abhi..my hubby whats the need of all that..anyway one day i will see you like that na..


Nothing baby..iam leaving..

Soon abhi close the door ..pragya started to laugh aloud..

Pr;abhi..its my new avatar..you have to seen alot..expect the unexpected ..

Suddenly pragyas phone rings..

Yaa..everything is fine here..you dont worry..ya..all happen as per our plan..soon we will leave..k..i think he is coming ..will call you later …

She cuts the call..

Abhi comes out with bag..

Shall we leave now..

Suniye..one minute let me call arjun and want to take my luggages too..pragya leaves..

Suniye..whats this yaar…did real kkb pragyas ghost get inside her body..hey abhi..what are you thinking man..for that she must dead na..may be she is trying pragyas role..as however she falls abhi in her trap of love na..may be she too doing the same..no i wont make this happen..

Suniye..lets leave..abhigya get inside the car..

Arj;sir shall we start..

Ab;for that do you need my order..

Ar;sorry sir..car starts.
Suniyee…abhi look at her..why are you looking that way suniye..

Look fuggi..when you call me like that it really feel odd..

Oh then lets do onething i will call you by aboo..


You dont like that..k then hubby..no its not so sweet..jaan..no ..jaanu..its like calling a girl..darlu..no that too..then???

Fuggi…dont think alot you can call me suniyee..

Suniyee..you are so sweet suniyee..

She holds his shoulder and lean her head on it and smiles while abhi feels bit awkward..

Episode ends..

Hello. I knew after a long time iam updating here but from now onwards there will be back to back update .

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