I will make you mine. part-20

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Abhi again hit his hand bleeding is oozing out from it..

Again and again you are falling abhi..why you make that friendship man..why ??are you confused of what feeling you have for abhi..dont you forget that women are like this.they are experts in melodrama..they are so low that for money they will do anything even ready to lose their virginity which is to be sacred one.dont you forget about your mother…mother damn it how can i call her as mother who share her bed with random men..abhi..women are like this only..this pragya include in that category..abhi pushed the chair which is near by and get inside..by bashing the door..

Pragya who slowly drift into sleep wake up and went out of her room..she noticed the traces of blood mark on the floor and follows it and sees abhi sitting on bed..she saw his bleeding hand ..

Abhi..abhi..whats this..how this happen..how can you be careless..pragya look at his  hand and started to wipe off the blood..she is crying too..she started to serach around the house to get first aid kit.at last she found that ..and approaches abhi.she started to do first aid..

Abhi..is it paining..she did it so slowly..and it successfully completed…abhi..how can you be so careless like this..you are a big rockstar but able to a single thing take care of yourself..if anything happen to you then…

Then …what pragya he hold her shoulder..so tight..why you want to show this care for me..why are shedding out your tears for me..why pragya..what will happen when anything happen to me..wow..what an actor yaar…simply superb..but it wont work infront of me yaar..what yoy think your so called innocent face make me fall for you..then you are wrong miss.pragya arora…i knew girls quite well..especially girls of your type..

What you mean by that abhi..girls of my type..

Dont you knew what i mean..the girls who will do anything for money..even to share a bed..


Dont shout miss.pragya arora..why are you boiling when hearing the truth..you just agree to marry me because of my stardom and luxurious life..

You have no right to talk about me like this abhi..did you think what ever you tell are right and i will keep quiet..may be you have seen girls like that..but iam not low like you think..

Abhi holds her hands so tight and pulls her more closer to him..pragya started to cry in pain..already we can marks of his hand on her and blood traces too..

I knew girls like you miss pragya arora..keep your lectures with you..and dont think that you can make me fall by your innocent and sweet face..i knew your ugly face too..you are just low like do anything for money just like the person who bring me in this world..he pushes pragya to backward..she falls down..

Abhi move towards her and make her stand ..and one morething…we are returning back tomorrow…and what ever happen ..how much you try..but truth wont change you are a characterless and cheap girl just like that lady.

She push her to bed and moves from there..pragya started to cry lying there…his words are echoing in her mind..

No iam not a characterless girl and that too low lik he said…

Pragya wakes up from sleep when sunrays falls over her face..she slowly open her eyes and recall yesterdays event..she make a quick fresh and comes out in saree..she saw abhi lying in couch on living room..there is traces of tears on his face..which tells her that he has cried alot yesterday and now only just slept..she look at his hands..now its not bleeding..still there is blood traces..without disrurbing him she goes..

At noon..abhi slowly open his eyes and get up from couch and sit there..he just hold two hands together and close his eyes..it was that time memories about last night come up in his mind..he rushed to room and look everywhere and couldnt find her.atlast again she is sitting in the same place.abhi move towards her …pragya who sensed abhis presence..

Goodmorning abhi..actually its good afternoon now..would you need coffee now..

She talk with him in a way that nothing has happened between them..
K wait let me get that..she leaves and abhi..i forget to tell one thing..i told arjun to book flight by evening to leave to our place..and flight time is 4:30.so pack your belongings..or if i …

No.. i will do that..

Thats good ..she smiles and even winks at her..abhi look at her in unbelievable look..

After sometime she approach with coffee..and sit beside him.

Abhi look at her..

Whats going on through her mind now..is she again planning something..

Pragya was looking at sea and smiling

Ab;why are you smiling now..

Pr;did i smile now..

Ab;do you think iam mad that tell something without a reason..you smiled now..

Pr;no abhi..look at my face did it show smiling no na..

Ab;i knew you are doing it purposefully for irritating me ..for what i did yesterday…

Pr;what happened yesterday..

Ab;dont irritate me again pragya..

Pr;no abhi..yesterday till noon we both fight and after  that we become friends and have some good time .

Ab;after that ..at night..

Pr,at night what babba.nothing happened na..i told you iam going to sleep and leave to my room and when i get up today i saw you sleeping on couch.

Ab;pragya ..you are again..

Pr;abhi..what again..i think you have drink alot yesterday and still in that ..go and take a fresh then everything will better .she goes .

Is all that my hallucination..no..he look at his hands where pragya did first aid..no..there is no first aid mark..how can this happen..

Episode ends..

I hope all your confusion get cleared by this update..and tell your view about the story at this point..what will be next..??

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