I will make you mine. part-19

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So lets move back to story guys
..happy reading.❤❤❤

Pragya was sitting there and looking both sides.abhi is no where seen…

Omg…how can you forget such a big thing pragya…how can you do this..without thinking furthur you accept his deal..and look where you are now..he trapped you pragya..he complete his revenge for that slap by making you stay alone here..did you think he will come back ..no ..he wont…

Pragya get anger and look at both side..and started to walk in a direction..its highway but vehicles are comparatively less as its forest Route.. suddenly pragya seen a gang of men playing cards with drinks..they too see her and getup from their seat and surrounds her..pragya get frightened..

Oh ..honey..why are you alone here..did you need any company asked one..

For her ,iam here buddies ..a voice from their back..all turn towards that voice..its none other than our abhi..abhi winks at pragya…

Who are you ?? Its better for you to stay away from this said one..

Ab;its better buddy you stay away from her  ..

Suddenly a man hold pragyas hand..abhi just did a spin and raise his right leg in air and dash at him which make him fall leaving her hand…

Suddenly other person come forward and raise his right hand to beat him..but abhi turn the person beside him in way that beat will fall on him..then there happen a huge fight..abhi was too anger that no one can control him…for their life sake everyone runs away…

Pragya runs and hug abhi..abhi started to console her.they broke the hug..abhi wiped out her tears with his thump.

Ab;look i reach at correct time na..nothing happen to you then why this tears..

Pr;thanks abhi..if you wont..

Ab;iam your friend na..its my duty to save my friend na..k now come with me..abhi walks forward and turns sees pragya still standing there..

Now..what happen fuggi..

Pr;iam sorry abhi..i thought..i am mistaken you…

Ab;that i understand that when i havent seen you there.its not your fault fuggi..how can you trust me as once i break that…k..whatever it be come soon..otherwise other danger will come again..

Abhigya walks..and they got a lift and reach at their private guest house  .

Pr;abhi..is this your plan .you told me na you will make me reach some interesting place..

Ab;wait fuggi..look we just reach at home..but havent get inside na..

Pr;that means ..there is something for me..


Pragya suddenly get inside..and look at abhi..

Ab; i told you there is surprise.havent told na where is..

Pr;then where is abhi..

Ab;fuggi..look dont behave as a kid na..

Pr;abhi..dont you knew how much i like surprises…its my sid who always do such things for me..suddenly pragyas mood goes off..

Ab;what happened fuggi..is this because still thought about sid..

Pr,abhi..its better to leave that topic..

Ab,do you that much love him..like a brother..

Pr;abhi..actually sid was everything for me and for bulbul..as we have no parents. Its sids maa look after us..and we there stay together..we always do all the mastis..hang out ..teasing..sid is my best buddy in all my crimes …he will tell everything to me.even his crush towards bulbul too..but..

Pragya started to cry..abhi place his hands over his hand and console her..

Pr,iam k abhi..if he is with me , nothing bad will happen in my life..i havent feel weak at any stage..

Abhi can understand what she really means..he cant tell anything  now..so just leave her alone..

After sometime ..when pragya comes out sees abhi sitting there looking at sea..she moves towards him..


Pr;so my surprise..abhi look at a direction..

Pr;oh sorrry abhi..because of me your candle light dinner too flop..

Ab;its not like that..come lets have dinner..

Abhigya had their dinner and spend sometime by talking each other through random topics..

Ab;k..fuggi..its getting late you just go and sleep..

Pr;what about you..

Ab;i want to spend some time alone.

Pragya leaves..she enter her room and watch abhi through window..

Pr;again ..he show me an another face .abhi who is real in you..is that what i feel now..or who make my life hell..why you always make me confuse abhi..cant you be simple..what makes you be like this..from where i must start to find the answer of this puzzle..today i see love and care for me in your eyes which i see before..that time you told everything as a drama ..and did for revenge..but now i really feel something different abhi..you are hiding some big truth of our life from me..what i see is not the reality..anyway i will  find it soon.

Screen shifted to india..

Hello ..

Hello purab..

Haa bhabhi ..why you call me now..

Pr;why? I have no rights to call you..

Pu;its not like that..as its too late na..and you both are at honeymoon..thats why..


Pu;is there anything problem there bhabhi..

Pr;why you ask so..

Pu;bhabhi..its because your husband is abhi..my bhai..

Pr;is him that much bad..

Pu;no di..he is not bad..too caring and lovely brother.even we are not real brothers..di..i knew as abhi make you fall in trap and get married you..


Pu;bhabhi..first when i heard about his marraige i havent belive that..but when i see his love and both of us together i feel everything is fine..but when bulbul told me something is  there between you both  i understand it and when you call now its confirm..so tell me bhabhi..what you want to hear from me..

Pr;i want to knew about him fully..his past and present..

Pur;bhabhi..iam so sorry..i cant help you in that..i only knew his present and about his past thats unknown for me..and i havent ask about it till now..but one thing iam sure that his attitude for girls is somewhat different..even in case of tanu..though they are close but sometimes he forget about it..

Pr;k purab ..i will call you later..

Back to pragyas room..

So..thats the point..there is something happen in his past which made him such an attitude for girls..but what that will be..

Screen shifted towards abhi..

What iam doing..?? What i really feel for her..why iam doing all this with her..making her confused ..sometimes love..care..sometimes hurt..why all this..shit..he hit his hands on the table..which break the glass  and his hand is bleeding…

Episode ends…

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