I will make you mine. part-18

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Sorry guys for this delay in it..now back to story ..happy reading..❤❤❤

Pragya continues her play in water where as abhi is continously drooling on her.its not drolling something more than that..he cant control himself seeing pragya like this…she is completely wet and her dress is almost clinging into her body which makes abhis mood on…abhi slowly remove his shoes and shirt and he too enter into the water..as pragya havent seen this..suddenly someone pulls her closer which was a hellshock for pragya…she turns and sees abhi…abhi slowly moves his hands towards her waist and hold it closer to him..which make a shiver in her body..the way abhi look at her is somewhat different and she feels uncomfortable too..pragya tried to move but abhi again pull her close to him..now pragyas head hit on his chest..abhi started to trace her body with his hand..it slowly started to travel upward and now trailing on her back..he place his hand on her chin and moves his head forward ..his eyes are targeted on her juicy lips..abhi reach somewhat close to it..we cant say whether it meet or not..suddenly there here a slap sound..yes..pragya slapped abhi ..it was really unexpected for abhi which bring him back to the sense of what he gonna do..pragya just pulls him and marched to hut where their stay for tonight is arranged..she sit on bed and just recollect what happened…

What you did pragya..how you can give a chance to him to reach this much closer to you..dont you forget what he did to you..he just ruin your life pragya…

Suddenly she sees another pragya…pragya you cant stay away from him ..because still you love him and you prove him too that still his closeness have some effect on you..pragya you cant win by standing at both side..otherwise you just surrender yourself before him ..or fight with him and make him good..its your choice..

No i wont surrender..iam going to fight back…

But you are a love sick puppy pragya you cant said another pragya..

No ..iam not..i will ..suddenly another pragya vanishes…pragya Change her outfit …it was  that time abhi enters..pragya havent eye at him and behave as nothing happened between them..

Abhi look at her confusingly..

Pr;why are you staring at me abhi..do you want to tell anything…

Ab;nothing..and smiles back..

Pr(in mind) why the hell he is smiling back at me…i shouldnt agree for this trip..how i will spend my time with him..

Ab;pragya..actually i want to talk with you..

Pr;then speak up man..

Ab;iam going to talk about a deal..

Pr;deal ..what deal??

Ab,we have came here for honeymoon right..neither me nor you cant enjoy this by like this..


Ab,so iam thinking why dont we do to next step..

Pr;what?? In shock..

Ab;iam not talking about that step what you think fuggi..as i and you feel bore na..so lets make a deal ..till this honeymoon days end we will be like besties..wont fight..wont behave as rude..or arrogant or like husband and wife..no revenge and anything..just as friends and we can enjoy this trip na..

Pr;why all of the sudden abhi..why you want me as friend..

Ab;hey dont show that much attitude as.being like this with you was too bore and iam forced  to be with you too..

Pr;iam not forcing you..

Ab;that i knew but i want to do it because of purab and tanu..

Pr;are you serious..dont you have some feelings for them..

Ab;pragya..dont spoil my mood ..you take decision ..whether you agree for it or not..

Pragya thinks for a while..k i agreed…

So friends till we return back..abhi forward his hand..pragya too shake back..

Ab;so as i first step then i will make my special coffee for you.


Ab;haa..fuggi..i knew some cooking its really special..

Abhi went inside..

Pr(in mind) is this his plan..i must be careful in this friendship too..cant predict whats going through his mind..i say yes..just to see his loving side too..

That time abhi reach there by coffee and give coffee mug to pragya..pragya smells it and smiles..she take a sip..abhi was curiously waiting for it..

Not bad abhi..nice one..abhi smiles and he too take a sip..

They both went outside and look at the valley..

Ab;fuggi..i think you really like this place alot..

Pr;ofcourse actually i love nature alot..and i always wish to live in such a place..abhi smiles..

Pr;abhi why are you smiling..dont you like natural beauty…

Ab;beauty…its an utterfoolishness fuggi..


Ab;nothing..i too like that..

Pr;what we will do now..as i feel bored by sitting here like this..

Ab;lets do one thing..


Ab;we can go back..

Pr;go back..but how..arjun will come on tomorrow na..

Ab;that you dont worry..just pack things..lets move to some exciting places here…

Pr;do you knew about that..

Ab;this rockstar knew everything..

Abhigya smiles..soon they started journey and reached at the point where arjun droped them…

Pr;abhi..now how we will go ..

Ab,just walk some distance..there is highway and we can take lift from there…

Abhigya started to walk..during that walk they talk about some random things and laughs alot..at last they reach near highway..

Ab;fuggi.you just wait here..i will just check whether we get some lift or not…

Abhi leaves..pragya sit on a rock near by…

Episode ends..

Guys i knew its small…but i will update it as 2 parts..iam stopping here..just to knew about your views about this point of story..as i want to knew whether iam satisfying you all with this or not…

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