I will make you mine .part-14

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Abhi make pragya comes …

Pr;abhi.what are you doing yaar..why are you making him feel bad..


Pr;haa..the person to whom iam dancing..he will feel bad na..


Pr;abhi..tell me why you bring me here…

Ab;whats all this pragya..what are you trying to do..

Pr;what i do now abhi to make you shout like this..i havent done anything na..

Ab;you haven’t done anything..do you knew you are breaking my status…and my respect..


Ab;look pragya now you are not under the tag miss.pragya arora now you are mrs.pragya arora..if you do something like that then it will be a good gossip for magazines and they will..

Pragya started to laugh which again make abhi more anger …

Abhi are you talking all this seriously..really are you in the sense…the rockstar who always build up and love to build masala gossip who wont never mind about what others talk about..now suddenly show this much protection and everything..

Pragya..abhi shouts..

Dont shout mr.abhishek prem mehra..i wont get fear by hearing your voice as iam not that pragya now..look are you feel jealous to see me with anyone..

Hey dont think so..i have no problem in seeing you like that..

Then why you create all this drama…no answer…abhi look now you are losing infront of me..he goes from there which make pragya to smile…

As pragya again entering to hall stopped by bulbul..


Bul;di..whats all this..


Bul;di..dont try to be oversmart infront of me..i knew there is something burning between you..you both are hiding something from us..

Pr;what are you talking bulbul..whats between us..

Bul;di..did you both fight…

Pr;fight..bulbul you knew how much we both love and care each other then..look i think your are thinking alot now..you are my protective sis ..thats why you are thinking..look if there is anything then i will tell you…

Pragya leaves…

Bul;di…iam not satisfied by this reply..still i feel something wrong..

Pu;hey bulbul what happened why you look sad..

Bul;purab..there is something that they both hide from us..


Bul;di and jiju..


Bul;there is some problem between them..

Pur;are you seriously mad bulbul we have seen na how they both love and care each other..

Bul;look purab..iam telling true only..i knew my sister and i can feel that she is in some problem or something disturbs her..

Pur;k come then we can ask them..

Bul;no purab di wont tell us..

Pur;then whats your next plan??

Bul;purab will you help me..

Pur;of course anything for you..

Bul,purab we must arrange most romantic honeymoon trip for them as they both are alone then all problems will sort out..

Pur;do you think it work..

Bul,look purab if two persons are alone..then they will share everything within them..to make their mind free…

Pur;ohoo if so..

Bul;if so..


Bul;no you are hiding something..


Bul;dont worry i will catch that soon…and leaves..

Pur;great escape..

Screen shifted to pragya..
I knew bulbul still you wont believe my words..as its you who can understand me so soon…

Screen shifted to abhi who is sitting and having drink…

He is holding the glass tightly…

You…pragya…each plan of mine is is floped because of her..i dont knew from where she get this much courage..but pragya..till now this rockstar haven’t taste the bitterness of losing…and wont taste if forever…every women have a weakness..that too married women now my game is with that…

After sometime abhigya purbul and tanu went out and sits in car..

Ta;i enjoyed alot guys..what about you..

Pr,i too love this…

Ab;purab where we are going now…

Pu,chill bhai..

Ta;again an outing…
Ta:so are we moving for an outing???

Bul;just keep quiet tanu…why you always talk like a chipkali..look dont get too much excited..

Ta;look purab..the way she is talking to me..

Pur;she is right na..

Ta;you cheater..you stand with her..so there is no one to support me..

Pr:no tanu..i will be there for you..purab..bulbul tell we are going …

Ab;why we are moving in the direction of airport..

Bul,oh guys just calm down ..how much questions will you all ask at a time..

Pur;look answers for your question will be answered only after reaching there..so no need of shouting and showing attitude..

Ab;saali..purab you both guys showing too much attitude ..

Bulbul make a childish smile…

Ab;k i agreed…

Ta;how could you abhi..just a smile you get flat..

Ab;that smile is with a love yaar..

Pragya look at abhi ..
Pr (in mind) what an acting..the person who havent a heart…how can he understand the meaning of love…poor bulbul..she believes him alot..but he is the most worst person in the world…

Her thought process get stoped when car get stopped …all get down

Ta;now tell why we all are here..

Bul;we all are here to give send off to jiju and my di for their honeymoon trip..

Ta;honeymoon trip…and get excited..

Pr;what?? How we go now?? No ..

Ab;ya bulbul.she correct .how can we both leave without any preparation

Pur;look at these guys..why you both get tensed when we both are here….(purab brings luggage)

Bul;di..all the things which you both need have arranged in it..and these 2 are tickets for you both..so go and check in..as we both are already late..



Ta;arrey yaar..why you both are telling same question..look if i get a such a chance then i will go without any rethinking..

Pu:thats why..you wont get such a chance..

Ta;purab ..you..

Pu;bhai..bhabhi..come on..as they all compel them this much with out no option abhigya agreed for their honeymoon trip..

Abhigya hugs everyone and leaves with luggage..after check in both are waiting for flight arrival..

Abhi looking at pragya (now..ball is on my court…pragya wait and watch my beloved wife..how your hubby is going to pour his love)

At the same time..pragya looking at abhi (plan as much mr.abhishek prem mehra..but you cant make me lose iam playing this game only to win..how much low you move that much high i will acheive..may be you think that i will feel feared for spending time and days with you..but each second which you spend with me will remind you that what you did to was a big sin)

With that thought abhigya gets in flight…pragya is sitting near window and next to her abhi is sitting..

Pragya was bit nervous as its first time for her in flight..but she cant show that to abhi..

Ab (i knew fuggi..you have fear of flying in aeroplane as all girls have this fear …)

It was that time a small boy enters the flight..

Maa..look rockstar and moves towards him..abhi didnt notice that child..as of his ego and he is listening to music and shaking his head in that rythm.he look at abhi..and pragya..again repeat the same..

(As pragya tries to talk abhi too watch and slowly take his headphone from one ear and listen to conversation)

Pr;why champ..why are you looking like this..

Boy;didi…why he look like a monkey..

Pragya laughs..actually he is like that na..so will look so..abhi glares at boy and pragya..

Boy;didi..can i sit with you..as i want to see through window..as my moms seat is on middle..

Boys mom;arjun…come yaar.dont disturb them..

Ar;no mumma this didi is good..di do you have any problem if i sit with you..


Ar;you hear na..so i will sit here and rushed to pragyas lap..

Ar;di…do you have fear to travel in it..

Pr;little bit…

Ar;then dont worry di..hug me so tight so you wont fear..

Pr;so my champ …too have fear right..

Ar;haa..little bit just like you..both smiles…

Flight take off..but conversation between arjun and pragya havent stop..it was going on…

Ab,(oh no…how could they both talk like that..its really irritating..i dont knew why thid idiot boy smiles for her talks)

Ar;hey rockstar..iam not a idiot like you..you have no brain thats why always making monkey faces while hearing our talk..


Ar;haa..dont underestimate me..iam a mentalist student..

Ab;ah..thats current..you are mental..

Ar;hey rockstar..iam studying mentalism..so i can knew person while looking their face..and read their mind..tahts why i identify you so soon..di..who is he..is you both are connected each other..

Pr;haa..there is a small connection between us arju…because of my bad fate..he is my husband..

Ar;oh no..poor di..what all this she have to face in this small age…and chuckles..which irritates abhi to core.

Ab;arjun..i think your maa.is calling you..

Ar;(shouts )mumma …have you call me…

Arjuns ma,no..

Ar;have you hear what she said..i think you have some hearing problem..di..where are you going..


Ar,thats place suits you..iam asking to my pyaari di..

Pr;honey moon..

Ar;honeymoon with whom..

Ab;iam her husband right then with me only..

Ar;again i feel pity on you di..you need to manage him alone na..

Ab( in mind ) his good luck as he is a small kid ..otherwise i dont knew what i will do..

Ar;you cant do anything rockstar..

Abhi look at shock…

Ar;dont look so i told you na ..iam studying mentalism..

Ab (in mind) abhi its better to keep quiet and sleep otherwise ..

Ar;thats nice..so sleep soon..

Pragya smiles and thanks arjun in mind..abhi falls in sleep…

Their flight get landed..

Pragya and arjun become too friendly…

Ar;mumma wait i will come saying bye to them..

Arjuns maa: k..

Ar;di..iam leaving ..i have send my hi in whatsapp..we will contact through it …

Pr;ya sure..both hugs..abhi walks with luggage..

Ar;di..you wait here..i will talk with him and come..

Arjun goes near abhi and pulls his pant which make abhi to stop and look down..

Ab;now what..

Ar;comes down its secret…abhi kneels down..now tell.

Ar;look rockstar..you wont succed as di will make you lose again..so its better for you to not try to make her fail…

And leaves…

Ab ( how can he talk to me like that..how will he read my mind…)

Episode ends..

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