I will make you mine… part – 13

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Hello friends..yaa again with an update..so happy reading ❤❤…

Abhigya enters room…pragya reach her cupboard and started to pick a saree…abhi is staring at her..

Pr;suniyee..why are you looking at me like this..get ready na…they are waiting for us..oh i forget that your dress was there na..k..go and change from there..

Ab;pragya..stop all your stupid drama…

Pr;suniyee..dont shout otherwise they will hear…dont you forget what you says yesterday that..whatever between us will be stay as secret…

Ab;miss.pragya arora..dont you knew to whom you are playing all this drama..its you who going to pay for it..

Pr;suniyee..why are you getting anger for such a simple thing..look all this was what you want na..you marry me threw away my ego..now whats your problem..i am not intefering in your personal matters na..then whats your problem..

Abhi pinning her to cupboard..you are my problem miss.pragya arora..

Sorry you spell it mistakenly abhi..its not miss.pragya .its mrs.pragya abhishek mehra..you are totally mistaken me abhi..and make him to loose his grip..

Pragya sits on bed by placing one hand above other and with full of attitude..

The great abhishek prem mehra did a big sin by marrying me ..you knew i am too weak and was blocked by wall when iam miss.pragya…it was because of that i cant do anything against you..but now my status get changed..i got a promotion from miss.to mrs.pragya abhishek prem mehra…now iam a free bird ..and i can go to any extend by using this tag showing her mangalsutra which you thought way of making me fall..

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Dont shout abhi…nothing will happen by this shout..what will happen is they all will came to knew your real face..its better for you to stay in your limits …so my sweet hubby go and get ready and i want to get change also..

Pragya gets up and moves to washroom..abhi holds her hand..dont ever think that you will get suceed by doing all this..you will pay for playing with this rockstar..

Iam waiting my sweet hubby..by saying this she pulls his cheek and leaves…abhi moves out and reached his room and threw all the pillows on floor..

How could she…how can she do all this to me..how will she show this much attitude to me..when i thought that my single plan of marrying her will make her fall..but she..no this cant be happen..i will never leave her to get suceeed..the plan which is playing will be taken by me..i will make her feel suffocated by showing my love infront of us…before them she cant restrict me too..then i can enjoy it and laughs..

After sometime abhi and pragya get ready..both are in black outfit..

Pu;look in dress to they both have same preference..

Bul;look you both are praising and eyeing at their love alot…its not good na..

Pu;k maa..we wont do it again..

Ta;look shall we leave now…

Ab;ofcourse and hold pragyas hand and smriks..she smiles back..

They all reached theatre and watching bahubali..pragya is sitting next to abhi ..then bulbul then purab and beside him tanu..abhi touch pragyas hand seducingly while watching movie which was noticed by bulbul and she giggles..pragya look at abhi..abhi smiles sheeply..

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Ab (in mind ) now you cant do anything miss.pragya as you wont stop me na..

Pragya looking at bulbul..look what bahubali did is right na…cutting of head of men who misbehave with girls..actually this is what we must to follow in our country…(pragyas words have some power which make a fear on abhi..)

Abhi suddenly take off his hand which make pragya to smile…

As filim get finished..

Pu;abhi..why cant we move to pub today..


Bul;he mean club right purab..tanu..today weekend na so all will have some fun by chat and dance…tanu we can get chance to  eye some handsome buddies too and did a hifi..

Pragya twist her ears..what ..??

Di..its too paining yaar..jiju pleasee tell her..

Pu;no di..she have no license for her tongue..

Ab;fuggi leave her na..and takes her hand ..bulbul hugs abhi..love you jiju..

Love you saali..

Bul;di..can we go na..

Pragya nods..all get excited..soon the team reached the club..already dance and party is going on..they too join with it..

Pragya sits near a seat and eyes at all..abhi purab bulbul and tanu are dancing there…abhi look at pragya and dance with a girl..as he feels that she must get affected by it..but no change at all..

While dancing abhi came near pragya and shows his hand telling her to join..

Ab (in mind) i knew fuggi..you wont join with me as you are not such a type..but pragya for his shock forward her hand and started to dance with him..in dance they change pairs..abhi smiles when a man started to dance with pragya..

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Ab (what ever you say you changed iam damn sure that yiu cant dance with anyother person that too close thats your weakness pragya)

Abhi was keep on watching pragya..pragya who sees this dance with that person without any problem..which raise an anger at abhi..but he controlled  himself and continue..as their closeness get more abhi moves that mans clutch from pragya and take her outside…

Episode ends..

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