I love u too ms. mayamma is abhigya (Episode 1)

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A girl was sliding along the road with her skateboard she seems to be expert in this yes she’s now doing a somersault all the people present clapped for her…. She plucked a little rose whole skating n gave it to a small boy who was crying n said smile baby n love u that girl was slightly smiling seeing the rose in her hand n said I love u too ur name didi she said pragya pragya aurora.that boy smiled n went to play again.she was skating n atlast she came near a group n said hello guys whatsup they said nothing our bulbul loves a person n she’s scared to confess him.pragya said oye sissy just go n tell ur feelings to him otherwise u may lose him bulbul nodded n went .bulbul kneeled down n proposed pu ran he too accepted her n hugged her .

it was Valentine’s day all were spending time with their loved ones we could see a girl sitting with her gang it was none other than our pragya she was wearing white top with black jean n a colourful scarf around her neck n wrist band with words unique.indeed she was her gang includes raksh n his gf aditttara,arjun n his gf lakshmi n purab n bulbul .raksh asked when r u going to fall in love choti to pragya. Arjun said what type of guy u wish to have as ur life partner ( raksh n arjun r elder to her so calls her choti sis). Pragya said no one dare to love me will he if I fall in love he’ll surely be an unique like chilli in chocolate. She was extending her arms n walked backwards saying he should be like a rain in winter n she tripped someone caught her it was none other our dashing hero abhi he was wearing formals n was looking like sturdy man.pragya was lost in his eyes even he too sun saathiya plays.their eyelock is broken n both part their ways but have a strange feeling in their heart
Will destiny jin them?????

Pragya had completely fallen in love with him.she decided to propose him.she took her skateboard n slide happily abhishek was walking on road when he heard someone singing..

Deheleez pe meri dil ki
Jo rakhe ha tu ne katham
Tera naam pe meri zindagi
Likhh di mera him dum
She now rounded him n said
Jeena jeena meri jeena
Na.seekha kabhi teri bina hum dum….
N kneeled with a rose n said i love u mr cute n went abhi was shocked but was confused what he saw was a dream or real then why did go is it a prank when pragya came again n said I love u its not a prank or dream but real n threw him flying kisses n went.next day when abhi was sitting I’m garden while again pragya started singing

En kaadhal seriyo thavuro
En kaadhal mullmullo mallaro
En kaadhal mudhallo mudivo
Uyire feel me love
Feel my love feel my love n handed him a gift n went( guys im changing songs according n take only some lines okk). Abhi thought crazy girl n was about to throw it but something in him opened it n he saw a balloon with heart shape n many chocolates with a note feel my love baby abhi smiles sun saathiya plays abhi saw children playing he called them n gave them chocolate n balloon to a little girl n went.daily pragya was following abhi n giving him gifts n song too.

One day abhi was walking with his Friend when his friend asked him do u love somebody hearing this pragya was curious n was wanting to know his answer n followed him.abhi felt her presence .abhi said yes her name is ……his friend asked wat abhi said ms Mayamma.pragya was having tears when abhi said she loves me soon much I fell for her on the first day I.saw her.she’s so beautiful u know n looked at pragya hiding she wiped her tears n was about to go when abhi said I’m going to propose her now here n sang
Uyire in uyirena naan iruppen anbae
Inime in izthalinil nan siripen
N dragged pragya from her hideout n said I love u ms mayamma .
UN parvai pothum song from darling plays ..
Pragya was shocked when abhi captured her lips in his broke out for oxygen n said I love u so much pragya asked why u never said me before he said have u ever asked or listened to my reply.pragya nodded no n asked that mayamma he said ur that mayamma as u would come out of blue nn go.pragya hugged him n said i love u too Mr cute n hugged him this was start of their beautiful journey

If u liked it comment guys I dedicate this to all .happy Valentine day.
Valentine’s day is not only fr lovers but for all mom n dad a child n parent n all living creatures.

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