i hate u to i love you (Intro)

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hey guys i am queen hope u all not forget me i am continuing my story but with some changes
Thnks to all the guys for liking my story kumkum bhagay love make every thing possible hope you all like my this story also

Abhi mehra: a young busissnesss men handsome dashing and arrogant and rude he love his sister very much and can do anything for his family
Priya mehra: mother of abhi love her family very much specially abhi
Raj mehra: father of abhi and is dead
Aliya: sister of abhi and a sopilt girl who want everything which she want by hook or by crook
Tanu: pa of abhi
Pragya arora: a young business women she is beauty with brain and she is also arogent she love her sister she is jaan of her
Sarla arora: mother of pragya and is dead
Rahul arora: father of pragya and love his both daughter very much
Bulbul arora: sweet bubbly girl and jaan of pragya and rahul
Purab: childwood frnd of bulbul and they are in same collage and an orphan
Suresh: pa of pragya

The mehras and aroras are bussieness rivals abhi and pragya hate each other and we will see how their hatred turn into love and many more

Hope you like the intro and my story also

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