i hate u to i love you (Episode 2)

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Todays episode start with the function is going all are busy in talking a person come on stage and tell
Person: so its time to come that we annonce the who will get the conctart
All are eagrly wating for it
Person: so the contact goes to arora company so we request miss pragya arora to come on stage and sign the contract papers
Pragya glares and abhi and give him a deathly smile and abhi in anger hit his hand on table and pragya goes on stage and sign the papers
Person: so would you like to tell anything miss pragya arora
Pragya: I belive in doing not talking big talks and by this I show someone that I am best and smiles all clap
Pragya: so in this occasion there is a party you all are invited
And goes abhi angrily goes out pragya also goes
Pragya: so someone is telling that he will have not habit to loose now I think he should be ready for more loose
Abhi angrly glares her
Abhi: don’t be overconfident miss pragya time always changes and one day I will crush your ego only one weak point and you are finish
Pragya: well this is not over confidence mr. abhi its my trust on myself and better luck next time
Abhi: from now my motive is to destroy you only
Pragya: well said our thoughts are same mr. abhi so before destruction come to my home there is a party celebrate your loose their
Abhi: yeah I will come but don’t be happy so much one I will put you on my knees
Pragya: we will see who will come in whose knees lets see
And both glares angrly and leaves from their to their office
Here in collage aliya come to collage as its her first day they all are enjoying
Aliya: so gys today is party from my side
All shout wow

Aliya is drinking coke and she throw the can out side and from their bulbul and purab are coming and the can hit bulbul head
Purab stop the bike and turn bach and see bulbul ih holding her head
Purab worriedly: what happen
Bulbul: this cane hitted me
And purab gets angry and he goes near aliya
Purab: hey you don’t you have eyes this cane hitted my frnd
Aliya: so what you should see while going
Purab: you what you think yourself
Aliya came out of car and see both of them and gave a discuting look
Aliya: awe you middle class only want to money and throw money on bulbul face bulbul fells like crying and purab gets angry
Aliya: do your bandage
Purab gets angry and slaps her hard all shocked seeing this
Purab: dare you hurt my frnd you blo*dy rich what you think of yourself such a spoilt bract your family had to do this but remember this slap is for hurting my frnd aliya eyes him angrly and purab holds bulbul hand and goes from their
Aliya: I will not leave you both you both have to pay for it and sits in car
Scene shift to abhi office he come in office and angrly start throwing things and shout and call tanu
Abhi: how can we loose from that pragya tell me the reason
Tanu fearly: I don’t know sir
Abhi: then what the hell you know just go away from here
Suddenly abhi phone rings its of priya
Abhi attend the call
Abhi: yes mom
Priya: abhi cool down don’t get this much angry
Abhi: but mom I lost today and from that pragya
Priya: beta in life we always loose sometime god has think about something that’s you have loose today but you will defiantly win tomarrow have faith on god
Abhi: no way ma I don’t belive in this now I lost due to that pragya I will completely destroy her then I will get relif
Priya: but beta entimity only gives pain
Abhi: no ma this entimty gives me happiness and ma bye I have some work
Priya: donrt know what he want to do but please god make him walk on right path he will not do anything bad and closes her eyes

Here pragya in office come and greats all staff member
Pragya: today we got the contact bcz of your all hard work only you all are my support so I want to increase your all salary
All employs: thnk u mam
Pragya: and yeah for this today is a party so you all are invited
All employs: we will come mam
Pragya: so lets beging the work from now
And pragya goes to her cabin and suresh also come
Pragya: today I am so happy suresh party should me grand that everyone remember this party is that correct
Suresh: yes mam and goes from their
Pragya gets rahul call
Ragya happily : dad
Rahul: congars beta you get the contract
Pragya: thnks dad
Rahul: I know you will get it you have done so much hard work for this
Pragya: yeah dad and I am so happy today I have break that abhi mehra ego
Rahul: don’t think like that beta ingnore it just enjoy your success
Pragya:yeah dad why I will waste my time about thinking of him and dad I have given a praty tonight
Rahul: that’s great
Pragya: ok dad bye
And cuts the call

Now scence shift to a godown two person are talking
Person1: you have done a great job
Person2: I know but fooling abhi is so much difficult
Person1: yeah that pragya is also so much clever we have to be aware on our every moves and they didn’t get about it
Person2: you don’t worry their entimty will not end and we will take benefit of it
Person1: you know na what you have to do tonight in party
Person2: defiantly by this they will hate each other more
And both smiles
Who are these two what they want this screat is disclose soon but till you have to wait

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