i hate u to i love you (Episode 1)

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The story start with a big villa shown it is mehra mansion a lady is doing aarti her face is reveled she is abhi mother priya mehra she goes in a room the room is decorated with famous business man pics as we move we see a boy sleeping on bed his face is covered by blanket priya goes near him
Priya: wake up beta its late
A boy wake up and his face is shown he is abhi
Abhi: gm ma
Priya: gm beta take this prashad you will get what you want
Abhi: ma please I don’t belive in these I belive in me and I defiantly get what I want
Priya: but beta

Abhi: ma please I have to ready today I have to destroy someone ego
And goes to wash room and priya thinks don’t know what my abhi become after his father death don’t know what will happen next
Here scene shift to an another villa its arora villa a girl is shown wearing night dress sleeping suddenly alarm beeps
Gm wake gm wake
That girl hand stop the alarm she stand up and goes near a photo and say gm ma her face is shown she is our pragya
Pragya: ma give me strength that I will destroy the ego of that arroget abhi and win this contract
And goes to washroom
Here in mehra mansion abhi comes ready in formal with white shirt and black coat over it and goes to dinning table for breakfast and sit and doing breakfast and a girl coming from back blindfolded him

Abhi: aliya I know its you
Aliya: bahi its not fair you always recognize me
Abhi: you are my jaan aliya come sit and have breakfast
Aliya: bahi I want to give party to my frnds and I want to take a new phone
Priya: what aliya you you have given party to your frnds day after tomarrow and see your phone is new why this wasting of money
Aliya: bahi please I have promised them
Abhi: ok my cuite and gives her a cheque
Priya: but abhi
Abhi: ma please I am earing money for my cuite only and smiles at her
Aliya done the breakfast and kisses abhi cheek
Aliya: bahi you are best I love you bye
And goes to collage in car and abhi also goes in his car
Here in arora villa pragya came ready in formal and see rahul reading newspaper and goes to him
Pragya: gm dad
Rahul: gm beta I wiah you get the conctract today
Pragya: yeah dad defiantly I will get it
A voice come from behind yeah no one will beat my pragya di pragya turn and see someone and smile
Pragya: purab you come
Purab: gm di
Pragya: gm
Purab: so di that bandriya is ready or not I are getting late for collage
A girl voice came
Girl: I am alredy ready motu ok na

And the girl is none but bulbul and goes and hug pragya
Bulbul: gm di and kisses on her cheeks
Pragya: gm
Bulbul: I know my di will win
Pragya: now my lucky charm has wished me then I will defiantly win
Rahul: ok you all now come do breakfast
And all do breakfast and pragya bulbul and purab come out
Pragya: come I will drop you
Bulbul: no di today we go on bike right motu
Purab: yeah di
And purab and bulbul goes on bike and pragya goes in car
Scene shift to the place where there is announced that who will take conctract
Two cars come from opposite direction and from one car abhi came out and from another car pragya both see each other with attitude and comes near each other
Abhi: ready for lose miss pragya arora
Pragya smiles proudly: you know i have only habit to win
Abhi: so change it from now
Pragya: we will se who will change his habit
Abhi: as you wish

And both goes in reporter surrounds them
Reporter1: abhi sir biussiness rivals pragya is in compation in with you what you want to say
Abhi: as you know I always win and today also I will win
And see towards pragya
Reporter2: mam what you want to say
Pragya: I don’t belive in saying I belive in showing and today I will berak some one ego and smiles proudly
Reporter3: but mam
Pragya: no more question and goes in with suresh
Abhi also go in angrly with tanu and they sit opposite and see each other curtly
Pragya: suresh I want this contract any how understand
Suresh: don’t worry mam we will get it
Abhi: tanu all set we have to take this contract ok
Tanu: yes sir

And outside reporter saying todays again two business rivals mehra and arora are against each other see who will take this contract
This much hatness btw them then how they say I love you to each other but its destiny can do anything lets wait and watch their hate to love journey

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