Humko tumse hogaya hai ye Pyar- Episode 2

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Its been 20 days.her dad strictly said her not to contact him.

So that he will realise.

She didn’t speak to calls..till 20 days..

Some days she requested him.

Bulbul: Dad..only once..

He will strictly say No again


In between that she read about him that he was back to India..nd back in his work.

She was so happy to see him like old days.for whom she felt for..

The most unbearable for her is..he was posting his photos on Social Media..but she can’t do anything..becoz of her Dad..only can see..

Then exactly 21 st day..Purab called Bulbul..

She was so happy..

Dad: i said na..its a rule my this ur mother makes me to call..chal now go for ur love..

Purab: Now u remembered me?

Bulbul: oh Sir was angry..why don’t u call me? I thought u will call me..nd u came to India..u didn’t said about to me..Very bad

Purab was again surprised..why she following his every moment..

(Actually he can’t be in Paris with her..every place reminds about her..he was in Paris for 4 years after his Break up..but those 30 days with her reminds him a he decided to come meet his Parent’s, to be like Old Purab Khana..but he was slightly scared to see her ..becoz he don’t know what he will do if see her..he missed her that he kept silent..n post his that he can contact her in any way.she already said about that..)


Purab: did u have any camera on me?

(Bulbul smiled nd She gets her another hint that he felt for her..she can feel that..)

Bulbul: no..i know u very well☺☺ ok u free today..let’s go out??

Purab: if my princess said there any change..

Bulbul: what did u said Princess??

Purab: wo.Princess neih..Friend..

So days went by Meeting each other..Purab was so happy..that his life became normal becoz of bulbul..

One day Purab called Bulbul for his house..that his Mom wants to see her..He said about his change becoz of he invites her..

She went there..nd his Mom likes her more than him..

Bulbul’s Mom died when she was in her early age.

Bulbul felt that she was with her mom..

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Then they were chitchat about her life..about their life..then his Mom show her Purab childhood Photos..

Bulbul teased him a lot..especially the photo which he was in bathroom without dress..

Purab can’t some point he hides from her.

After dinner Purab said that he will drop her..nd ask her to wait in his room.

She went to his room..It was so Mess like every bachelor’s room..but still she likes it..becoz it was her Crush, lover room..there was his photo in side wall..

She saw that photo like she didn’t saw him for year..

Then went near table..besides bed..there was some diary on it..

She began to read..but suddenly he came in urge tried to take that from her.

Bulbul: aise kya hai ye..koe personal? If so ..i am very eager to read that..

Purab: neih neih ..Bulbul its too personal..give that to me..

She said no nd run from there..she played..nd they ran.
He tried to catch her..but she escaped from him..

Suddenly she fell on Bed..nd Purab fell on her..

His hand held hers..they saw each other eyes..

They both wants to freeze that moment.

But Bulbul phone rings..its her Dad..he stood from her..nd make her to stand..

She gave that diary to her..

He dropped her..

Dad: someone is smiling..any improvement from my son-in-law?

Bulbul: Dad..behave like a father..

Dad: i don’t know about all that..i want my daughter happy..this smile i don’t want that to fade..

Bulbul: i am blessed that i am having a father like u..thank u so much

He hugged her..Then they both went to sleep..

Days go like this..Purab makes situations to be with Bulbul..Bulbul was in Cloud nine..

One day Purab’s Dad came with her dad..Actually her Dad fainted while jogging..then he brought him to her House..After that Purab’s Dad came to know..that Bulbul’s Dad..nd they became friend in their buisness too..they discuss each other..

Soon they both became family friends..Purab’s Mom loves Bulbul a lot..even she became first when comparing to Purab..

But still our hero not accepting his Love..

So someone put some that he can realise that he cannot live without her..

Purab’s family invites Bulbul nd her Dad for Diwali their house..

Everyone was happy on Diwali..Bulbul made some sweets with Purab’s Mom..

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Bulbul Dad wants her daughter to be happy like this..

So he planned to blast a bomb.

Bulbul was putting Mehandi by Purab’s Mom..

She asked her teasingly ..shall i put anyone’s name?

At the same time Bulbul nd Puran saw each other..

Then Bulbul’s Dad Came nd said something which even Bulbul not known..

Purab: kya? Bulbul ki Shaadi hone wale??

Dad: haan..any problem?

Bulbul: Dad..

Dad: we should say this to them na..

Purab’s Dad nd Mom says together..

Its very good tell me about ur Prince Bulbul..

She smiled nd left from there..

Purab saw her..he can’t control his anger when his mother said Prince..but he can’t help..

Dad: i think she was shy to say this..i will say u..

He said some family from long ago who he know..nd now they asked for Bulbul..

While saying this Purab’s Mom said that she thought to make Bulbul her daughter-in-law..

Mom: but its ok..She will be happy always nd make others happy..wherever she go..

Purab went to his Room with anger..

He saw Bulbul in his Room..he wonders what she was doing..then he saw ..she was with his Diary..

Now he don’t want to stop..

He wrote in friend page..

❤Humko tumse hogaya hai yePyar❤


I don’t know u will become this much important to me..

Paris such a wonderful memories for me..

I loved when u was with me..

But after that suddenly u said that u was going away..

I thought that i will manage..but each nd every moment i felt like i was in hell..

After that i decided to come..But i am not sure that u love me..


Actually i can’t believe that u followed me Bulbul..

I can’t control my feelings when u was with me..

I want to say this by seeing ur eyes.

But i can’t..

These Three words..

I love you will be so nice if u can hear these word..

But the truth..u can’ day i will sure..


Purab saw her with teary eyes..

Bulbul turned..nd saw him..

She came fast ..nd stood near him..

She saw his eyes..her eyes to filled with tears..

She slapped him heavily..He didn’t expect this..

Purab:Bulbul hear me..i just..

Bulbul again slapped him..signalled him to shhh..

Bulbul: can’t u express ur love at correct time..i waited for u Purab..why don’t you say this before..u know what My dad too support me in this..but i don’t what happen to him suddenly..he even never said this to me..i don’t know what to do..its all becoz of u..

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Purab was shocked nd surprised..nd he was confused whether she was saying that she was loving me.

Purab: Do you love me??

Bulbul: u having doubts on that..

She tried to beat him again..but he held her hands..

He came close to her nd asked..

Do you love me??

Bulbul: i love u so much Idiot..u know what how much pain..i have gone through..when u was in love with that girl..then i just put me on mute..after that i saw about ur break up on Fb..i was like flying..

Purab: what??

Bulbul: haan..i thought there will be some chance for me..

Purab: what u saying..u meant to say u loved me from long ago..

Bulbul: haan..long long ago..u was my first Crush nd First love..then u was every social can’t find u..but then our fate join us in Paris..then i can guess that u having some that i said i am going India..but u didn’t say anything..after knowing that ur return..i was about to call u..but my dad said that u will call me..u will realise ur love..everything was happened..but i don’t know why my Dad saying all this..Marriage..Friend..Really i don’t know any friend of him..

Dad came there nd said..

Its becoz to make him to say..henna??

He pointed both Purab’s Dad nd Mom..They both smiled nd said..


Bulbul now got her Dad’s plan and smiled..

Thank you Dad..

Dad: i said to u na..ur happiness is always my happiness..

Purab’s Dad, Mom, Nd Bulbul’s Dad said

Atleast now say ur Love..

Purab: wo..i will say..u all go now..

Purab’s Mom: son too blushing..i am so happy for u child..

After they went..Purab came near her..

She waited for him to Propose..but he was like..practicing speech..

Bulbul: will u say??

Purab: haan..just a minute..i..

Bulbul: i..

Purab: wo..

Bulbul got irritated nd said..

It’s ok i will marry the boy whom dad said..

Purab: neih..Bulbul I LOVE YOU..

by hearing this she smiled..

Now the story ends..

Thanks for comment..will come with another OS / SS

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