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Hai Friends again iam come with an os.

Someone’s pov
Today iam here to see him. He is laughing with her. How could he do this to me. How could he forgot me so easily. I don’t know y this all are happened in my life. My life is too good 4 yrs before but know everything changed even he too and also me too.

4 yr ago.
In airport abhi says bye to dadi and goes with purab to London. Abhi and purab are best friends from childhood they both are like a brothers. Iam also go with them to London for my studies. That was my first day I met my abhi. We 3 are seated in a row window corner me , next to me abhi and purab. 1st I didn’t talk to each others. But we can feel all our fear in our face bcos it was our first journey in flight. We 3 closed our eyes when flight be takeoff. Even little bit scream to. Then after some time we opened our eyes and smiles with eachother. Abhi is the 1st one indicate the talk he introduced himself and also purab then finally I introduced myself to them. From that information we came to know that we all go to London for studies. And iam going to do spl course for dance and abhi was singing. Finally purab for his mba. Me and abhi both are same clg. So that flight journey makes us a good friend. After flight landed abhi and purab goes to there flat(rent)and I goes to my clg hostel.

After 2 days we 3 joined our clg. And its goes well. Me and abhi are think friends in clg. We 3 goes outing weekend and iam also good friend to purab. It’s goes well first 3 months but after that my feelings towards abhi was changed and also for abhi he also feel something to me. We both relize our feelings when xyz competition was announced. For that competition abhi was singing the song and also dance with me. Our closeness make us feel good. Finally we won best couple award. On that day abhi proposed me I was little bit shock but I accepted him. Ya we both are loved eachother even purab also happy for our relation.

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After that max me and abhi going outing tooMuch of time even gave us plenty of time. My love for abhi was day by day increased. U know one day my abhi asked me a silly question that is ” what u do if I marry other girl” I was shocked for that question. And looked at him. He laughed and tells hey I just joking don’t give that look ok. Then only I came to relax and hit him in his hand. He just hugs me. Then after sometime I give him a answer he was little bit shock and kissed me in my forehead.

We both are happy in our relationship. We almost complete our 1st yr. 2nd yr is little bit busy for purab so always me and abhi be outing. We shared everything with each other. It almost end the 2nd yr me and abhi goes in a car and met with an accident. For me only little bit scharces but for abhi it was big. Ya abhi was lost his 2 yrs memory. He even don’t know when he came to London and for y. I am scattered. Purab was shocked. Doctor gave advice to us like don’t try to remember his past and it will make him to coma. iam scared and shock. My eyes are moisted. I went to my hostel and cried. After 2 days I went to abhi flat bcos I want to see him at least from distance. But for my bad time purab are not in his flat. I went to abhi room and seen him. He was sleeped like a small kid. I silently cried. But my tears make abhi’s sleep to be disturbed so he opened his eyes and saw me I don’t know wat happened to him. He try to tell something but the words are not come from his mouth. Finally he lost his consciousness. I panicked and try to wake him. But he is not respond to me. On that time purab came to room and get shocked. After sometime we admitted Abhi to hospital. Almost 3 hrs gone then doctor came us and talked. He said abhi get sudden shock in his brain so only this all happened. I already warned you to not try to revember his past. So please take care of him saying of this doctor went away. Then purab turned to me and asked y u came my flat. I was hurt by purab words. I was silent. Then purab drag me to Outside of hospital. And said plz go from here. I want my abhi. He and his dadi is the only person’s to me. I know u loving him but now everything changed. Bcos of ur love I don’t want to see my abhi in this stage. Plz leave my abhi and go from his life plz.. and purab hold his hand in front of me. I was shocked. But I can see the true love from his tears. I just smiled and said ok purab hereafter Iam not disturb my sry ur abhi. I will move from his life totally. Ya that was a last day I met abhi and purab. After that purab discharge abhi from hospital and they came to india. But I settled in London bcos I don’t want to near by my abhi.

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After 2 yrs goes just like that but in that 2 yr abhi became a popular rockstar in India. Iam doing some dancing program in London. Every day I think about abhi. And my days pass like that . Even I also come out from my broken love. But not forgot my abhi.

I came back to reality when I feel a hand in my shoulder. I turned and see him. He gives me smile and hug. I asked how r u purab? He said he is fine and asked about me. After that we both talked sometime. Then I hand over a gift to him and said plz pass this gift to abhi and tell him it’s from his best friend. Purab asked me to give gift by myself but I refused and tell him like I promised my frnd iam not meat his frnd(abhi) any more.Purab gives a week smile. I hugs purab frndly and said bye. But purab asked me then y u came to atten his marriage I smiled and said I promised my abhi too I will definitely atten his Mrg. Purab looks confused even u too right. Ya when my abhi asked what I will do if he marry other girl? I was shocked first then I answer him I will definitely atten his marriage bcos I want ur happiness always. For that abhi get emotional and kissed my forehead. Purab said u still thinking him. I said Iam not forgot him anymore. Finally I said bye to purab and one last time see the stage where abhi and pragya give pose to photo and also both are lost in There eyes. I can see there love in both there eyes. Then I looked purab he already watching me and I give smile and said cute pair na. Purab nods his head and says try to be move on Tanu. I smile and says I will try purab. Then i goes from there.. Ya iam tanu tanu sree megta. Now living in London. I know one day i will move on my life but my first love is always first love to me.. I love my abhi till my last breath.

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Bye drs.. sry if am bored u… sry for my mistakes.

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