Hina punches Vikas during the luxury budget task

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News Hina punches Vikas during the luxury budget task

There have been so many issues inside the Colors’ Bigg Boss mansion, people have talked bad behind the back, there have been backstabbing and politics. And one thing that has always been there underlining everything that has been happening in between the team members is competition. The competition to be a part of the show no matter what.We have already seen how each and every member is giving his/her best to win the show. But today we will see how the task will turn ugly due to Vikas Gupta and Hina Khan‘s physical fight.This week for the luxury budget task, the BB house has been converted into a poultry farm. A hen, after certain intervals of time, will lay golden eggs which will have a contestant’s image on it. For succeeding in the task, the house members need to

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