Here’s what Vivian Dsena feels about being Asia’s fourth sexiest man, above Salman,…

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Actor Vivian Dsena feels ‘happy’ that he has been included in Easter Eye, a Britain-based newspaper’s list of 50 Sexiest Asian Men 2017. What came as a bigger surprise for his fans was that he was ranked fourth on the list, above stars such as Salman Khan, Fawad Khan and Ranveer Singh. Actor Shahid Kapoor has topped the list.

But more than being a part of this list (for straight five years now!), Vivian looks forward to the appreciation from fans. “For me, the most important thing in this world, as far as my profession is concerned, is that I should be liked by my fans. Awards don’t excite me — my viewers’ love is my reward. The love and support that they have been giving me all these years should remain constant. They have been there for me, and I can’t thank them enough.”

While people would think that the list must have included only those who are fit and sport six or eight-pack abs, Vivian reveals, “Sexiness is not just about sporting abs because I am someone who has never had them. Also, it’s considered a taboo if you don’t have them; you are not considered a part of the ‘gang’ or out of the league. I don’t think that’s a mandate. I am someone who has never had abs.”

“Also, sexiness isn’t defined by your body but your personality — how you carry yourself, and the aura you have.” But does he feel the pressure to look his best all the time? “Not really, I like to be real. I don’t want to subconsciously have this thing, that to look sexy, you have to wear something which you are not comfortable in. You won’t be able to carry yourself naturally then.”

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