Here’s what director Neeraj Pandey has to say on ‘Aiyaary’s clash with ‘Padman’!

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Republic Day 2018 will see two big films of the year colliding with each other. On the one side, we will see Neeraj Pandey with his action-packed patriotic film, ‘Aiyaary’, on the other hand, Neeraj’s close friend Akshay Kumar is coming up with a social message driven movie ‘Padman’. ‘Padman’s trailer released a few days ago and got a brilliant response from the masses, while Aiyaary’s trailer will be out today and people are equally excited about Neeraj’s film. Well, it’s for sure that both the movies are clashing on the same date and when a leading daily asked Neeraj about the big collision, he said, “We knew from day one that Aiyaary would come on January 26, 2018, because the subject lends itself to this date. I don’t concern myself with what other people are doing. The decisions we take involve several other people who rally behind the project

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