Have we grown up ??? – abhigya ff part 2 by Varshni

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Hello guys !!!

This is varshni here !!!

I ‘m back to chew ur brains with my stupidity !!!

Let’s get into the story !!!

A beautiful place is shown which is beautiful decorated with white flowers and blue balloons .

Two girls are shown who are viewing the scenario

“Awwwwwwww how beautiful it is dii !!!”

“Yeah bulbul it’s really amazing !!! I wish to stay here like this forever !!!”

“Yeah dii !!! ”

“But why u brought me here ??”

” I got a call from someone that if I didn’t bring u here then they ‘ll kill u dii !!”

Before she could reply  Sanam re song was heard .

A guy ‘s back is shown . He started expressing his feelings

” When I saw u the first time I fell in love with you . You are such an heavenly blessed beauty !!!! The next time when I saw u in the mandir in that half saree , I was astonished by ur beauty !!!! Your voice !!! What an amazing voice u have !!!! It was like a nightingale singing !!! Errr , I think I am exaggerating !!!!

Pragya gave a death glare to that person which went unnoticed !!!

Actually I felt happy that i don’t need to waste my time with u but once after leaving you my life turned hell !!!! Its collapsed !!!! My heart is broken into many peices !!!

“Hello if ur heart is broken into many pieces then how are u living ??? By this time u would have died nah ??

“I know who would ask those stupid question !!!! So please bulbul it’s a feeling !!!! U are a kiddo !!! U won’t get that !!”

“I am not a kiddo !!! Okay shut up and continue !!!”

“Oh yeah because of ur stupid doubt I forgot the purpose of bringing my love here !!!Will u accept this idiot and change him pragya ???”

Pragya was overwhelmed with his proposal and went near him and placed her hand on his shoulders to make him to turn .

” Diiii please leave the book !!!”

By shouting bulbul took the book from her face and kept it aside .

Yeah all these while pragya pretending to be studying or actually studying I don’t know dozed off .

“Bulbul please give me the book  it’s glaring I am not able to sleep !!! Please !!!!”

Something hits her . It’s a slipper .

“Bulbulllllll !!!!!! ” A scream is heard .

A girl is shown coming out wearing a pink shorts and white sleeveless shirt with a top pony tail . She is really cute even while she is angry . Her face are red not due to blushing but due to her anger . She is our cute pragya .

“Today I ‘ll not leave u !!! ” Saying this she throws a block on her but it hit on the TV and it’s screen cracked .

” Wear those glasses dii or else u can’t see nah !!!”

Pragya took her glass from bulbul and held her ear

“Ahhhh !!!! Dii it’s paining dii ”

“Ahhhhhhhh what u both done !!!!! ”

“Don’t worry Sarla it’s our devils play ” said said without lifting her head busy in playing

“How come maa u are supporting them !!!! They are not kids anymore !!! ”

“U both go and get ready for going out !!!! ”

“Thank u so much dadi !!!” Both were in their happy mode screeched and left from there happily .

“Maa for how many times u ‘ll be supporting them ???”

” Sarla leave them Na they are without their father nah !!!”

“Maa , why can’t we ladies take care of them maa !!!! Do we need a man to raise them up !!! I know I made a big mistake maa !!! ”

“Sshhhh !!!! Sarla don’t take that matter again and I am really sorry !!!! It was my son’s mistake !!!! ”

” Don’t ask sorry maa !!!! Who ‘ll take care of their bahu as their daughter !!! U gave me a shelter maa !!!”

” This is ur house Sarla !!! ”

“I love u maa !!!!” , Sarla hugged dadi !!!

“This doesn’t suit u guys !!!”

“U devils won’t change !!!! Be like this forever !!!”

“Okay dadi !!! ” Both said in unison and hugged them .


“Yeah sure bulbul !!!”

They took the selfie and all had their family time .


Abhi dressed  in blue shirt and black trouser descended down along with purab

Both were handsome and dashing .

“Dadi I am really starving please dadi bring our breakfast !!!”

“Bhukad !!!”

Abhi hit purab and he made faces .

“Both started ur pranks ah ??? How many times I have to tell u that without pragya and bulbul here I won’t serve ur breakfast !!”

Both hit their foreheads with their palms .

“Dadi !!!!!!!”

“Come in u both devils !!!”

Purab was shocked seeing them .

Pragya was wearing a pink shirt and blue skirt UpTo her knees with two pony tail and bulbul was Wearing a yellow frock .

“Beautiful !!!”

“Aww thank u so much purab !!!” Bulbul back hugged him .

” I didn’t tell u , u ugly duckling !!!”

” I hate u purab !!!”

” But I love u bulbul !!!”

She turned her face . He smirked

” U are cute pragya dii !!!”

” Thank u so much purab !!”

‘Come pragya !!!! I have made kheer for u !!! Have it come !!!”

” Yeah coming dadi !!!”

She went happily and hugged dadi .

“Come on beta have it !!!”

Pragya had one spoon of kheer and she was shocked .

Tears are forming in her eyes .

PRECAP : What next ???

What happened to her ??!

Who is behind this ???

To know more keep in track of this ff .

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Love u loadzzz !!!!

Varshni .

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