Have we grown up ??? – abhigya ff part 1 by Varshni

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A beautiful mansion seen with the name board “MEHRA MANSION ”

When we peep inside a beautiful lady ‘s back is shown whose of age of mid 50’s !!!! Let’s see what is she up to !!!

“Om Jai Jagadiish Hare
Swaami Jai Jagadiish Hare
Bhakta Jano Ke Sankatt,
Daas Janon Ke Sankatt,
Kssann Me Duur Kare
Om Jai Jagadiish Hare”

Her voice was melodious that the birds were responding with their chirps !!! They were dancing to the rhythm !!!

After finishing puja , she called out for abhi and purab to come down but there were no response !!

“Maa , abhi is studying in his room I guess !!!! Because lights were on . I think he has test or something that’s why he is studying too much that he isn’t responding “replied her maid to dadi ‘s call .

” Yeah my abhi is always studying he isn’t even bothered about his health . Okay let me go and wake up chotu first then I ‘ll make him eat with my hands itself ”

“Yeah maa “.


Here a beautiful room is shown .

Dadi enters into the room

” Purab beta , please wake up !!!”

(No response )

“Chotu don’t make ur dadi maa tensed “.

(Again no response )

“See how he is sleeping by pulling his comforter fully and sleeping ” thought dadi and went and pulled the comforter with all her might.

“To her surprise it was all pillows arranged neatly and covered neatly with comforter .

At that time some one jumped inside from the window. He was our handsome purab .

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Dadi went to him and pulled his ear .

“Dadi it’s paining !!!”

“How many times I ‘m telling you not to roam outside. What if !!!!! Before she could complete purab kept his fingers on her lips.

“See dadi maa nothing ‘ll happen to me . I ‘m perfectly fine !!!! Now let me go bath and come ” Bubyee my love saying this he kissed her cheek and went happily humming .

Dadi ‘s POV

“I don’t know what ‘ll happen to him . I ‘m literally scared of him being alone . I can’t afford to lose him . I need to make both abhi and purab safe , I ‘ll be happy if I die after that . I don’t want purab to know anything at any cost !!!  Said dadi with a determined tone and wiped the tears that fell from her eyes .

After taking bath purab came down dressed up . He was wearing a black t shirt and grey shorts looking cute like a kiddo

( Yeah obviously he is a kiddo only !!!)

“Dadi did abhi woke up ???”

“He is not like you , he is reading for his exams !! He didn’t even come to eat u know !!! Learn something from him !!!”

“Something is fishy !!! Bhai can study all the time but not without having his food.  He is bhukkad !!! How come he didn’t come to eat ??? Wait let me and dadi ma have to check ”

“Dadi ma u were saying few minutes ago that abhi didn’t eat nah !!! Why can’t we go and give him the breakfast in his room as a surprise ???”

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“From when did u started supporting abhi ??? I have a doubt on you !!! I think something is cooking on ur so called brain !!”

“Is it there for him maa ??”

“Aunty !!!!”

“Sorry beta !!!!”

“Okay !!!! Now come let’s go And check abhi !!!”


Purab pulled his dadi and aunty with him and opened the door .

Dadi and aunty were shocked !!!

Any guess ????

Because abhi was sleeping comfortably .

” Maa I thought abhi would be studying !!! But he is sleeping !!!! ”

“Even I thought he was studying for his exams anjali !!!”

(Their maid name is anjali . Anjali is with them from the time of birth of abhi . She used to help dadi , abhi and purab a lot . Abhi used to call her maa and purab aunty coz she always irritate him )

“Haan do I need to learn something from abhi !!! Yeah dadi I have too . Now I ‘ll go and sleep . Bubyee !!!!”

Both dadi and anjali at the same time , ” drambaaz ”

Purab let out a chuckle .

Now dadi and aunty , you both go and take rest . I ‘ll wake up abhi.

“As u wish !!!!” Both exclaimed and left from their place .

After sometime ,

Aaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!

All were worried and reached abhi room to find him very annoyed. 

“What happened abhi ???”

“Ask that idiot brother of mine dadi maa ”

“What u did ???”

“Suspense ”

“I ‘ll kill u stupid !!!”

“Tell na purab !!!”

“Simple , I kept bhakti bhajan in his iPod in full volume and kept in his ears with an earphone . Simple and effective , new idea !!!!”

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“New idea , is it ???? Wait I ‘ll show u !!! ”

Saying this abhi started beating purab and both chased the whole house.

“Maa I hope both abhi and purab stays like this forever . Abhi should come out of his state and purab shouldn’t know anything that happened few years ago !!!”

“Yeah anjali I hope so. And abhi should be happy !!!”

At the same time someone from someplace “No never !!!”

PRECAP : prabul intro !!!

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