Have we grown up ??? – abhigya ff intro and prologue by Varshni

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Hello guys !!!

I ‘m Varshni here !!!

Many would me because I have written many swaragini ff and os !!

My first attempt on abhigya please support me !!! And pls comment and tell me whether I can continue or not ???? Eagerly waiting !!!
Hello guys !!!!

Varshni here to trouble you once again with my new ff !!!

This time it’s on my fav couple Abhigya


ABHISHEK PREM MEHRA : topper of his batch . Now finished 10th std and waiting for his results . A mysterious person with dark past . Always with books . Elder Brother of purab mehra.

PRAGYA ARORA : beautiful girl , classmate and new neighbour of abhi and purab . Elder sister of bulbul . Chirpy , cool and topper too.

PURAB MEHRA : younger brother of abhi . Finished 7th standard .

BULBUL ARORA : Younger sister of PRAGYA . Prank player. Loves to irritate purab .

How bubbly PRAGYA and mysterious ABHI fall in love with each other ???

Here is the prologue too !!!!


“aaahhhhhhhh “abhi was scared seeing himself in the mirror .

“Maa I know who have done this !!!! I hate u pragya !!!”

” But I love u abhi !!!! I don’t want u to go away from me !! That’s why I did all these things !!!”

“I ‘m sorry but I need to go now !!!! Where ever I go , I ‘ll be in ur thoughts only !!!”

” Promise ???? Asked cute pragya showing her index finger . Yes I ‘ll said he locking his index finger with hers !!!”


” today abhi is returning from Canada ”

“Don’t be too excited bulbul !!!”

“Hey said abhi hugging pragya !!!” There were bgm behind her out of happiness .

“Hey fuggi , meet my girlfriend Tanu !!!” Her world collapsed and that melodious bgm turned into a noisy one for her !!!”


” Hey can we become friends ???”

” No ”

“Please haan



So guys how is it ???

I hope I ‘m up to ur expectations !!!!

Lots of chocolates and hug !!
Love you lots !!

Bubyee !!


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