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A collection of events was reminsced by her. His entry in her life was unexpected but it was an expected entry to him. She wondered why he thinks that way.

As she was wondering lonely, once again he made an entry.

“You again?” She said casually as nowadays it was not a surprise or shock about his sudden appearances. She was used to it.

“NOT SURPRISED?” He asked looking at her.

” NOT ANYMORE!” She said in a low tone.

” If that is so, may I know what makes Madam to sit alone and think about?” He asked.

” Well, I am wondering what is the purpose of all this? I mean do u feel that I am your doll to play with?” She asked trying not to sound harsh towards him.

” Hmm…not a doll but I love to play this game with u! It’s kind of challenging your thoughts”.
He replied.

” That’s why you have my Ma behind u and your Ma to help u in all ways!”

” They are my support system but you are the system that supports me!” He said in cheerful tone.

She smiled looking sacarstic of his words. He very well knows how to play with words. That was what she always think.

” What’s disturbing u now? Feel free to tell me!”

” Alright!” She beginned by sighing.

” I know your name now and also your background in this society but what I don’t understand is how u know me? Yes I know that u had seen my photo and wanted to marry me. That’s kind of sufficient to know who am I as in where I work, my family circle but how do u know my every single likes and dislikes? How’s that possible? And the most unbelievable thing is you are different in the way that u don’t want to love me but u want to live with me!”

He smiled hearing to her and said ” I don’t have to love you to know your likes and dislikes. I can have many ways to know that.”

” Why do u have to know that? Haan I understand you want to live with me but without love? Why is that so?” She asked.

” You have to understand that love comes from both sides. What I feel for you is an immense liking that might turn into love” He said sounding genuine.

” Why do u like me so much?” She asked.

” For revenge!” He said and then gave his witty smile which scared her as whenever he does that, he comes up with a crazy challenge to her.

” Look there! You got something to do now!” He said pointing at a direction.

“I am gone!” She murmured by looking at the direction he pointed.

Elsewhere another man is seen trying to tear some papers  when someone stops him.

” Why are u being so cruel?” She asked.

” Tearing papers is not cruel! It’s better than what u did!” He said in an anger filled tone.

” Then what u did was not cruel? How can u even have the thought to kiss me?” She asked.

” I was pissed off on u so I tried to do that! But it didn’t happen! But u! You just spoilt my effort!” He said.

” I am sorry for that…I guess both of us are short-tempered and we will do things that makes us look like fools!” She said.

He was not in the mood to hear so he pushed her down before slamming the door.

To be continued…..

What’s the title? It’s one of my ff that is hanging in the midway. Hope u all remembered it. It will make its way soon. How soon? Depends on all your interest to read that too.

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