Gaurav Khanna talks about his track in Anupamaa; says, “can’t a mature and calm Anuj have an emotional outburst because he has lost his daughter?”

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Gaurav Khanna talks about his track in Anupamaa; says, “can’t a mature and calm Anuj have an emotional outburst because he has lost his daughter?”

The latest track in the popular TV show Anupamaa has started a debate over Gaurav Khanna’s character Anuj Kapadia’s behavior towards his wife Anupama ( essayed by Rupali Ganguly) in the show.

While some feel that Anuj was this perfect man who could never do anything wrong to Anupama and he shouldn’t have changed, another section feels that Anuj’s behavior is justified and his reaction is right because of the situation in his life.

Gaurav talked about it during a recent interview and shared, “People have to understand that Anupamaa is a slice-of-life show; it is not like other fiction shows on TV. And though Anuj Kapadia loves his wife a lot, one has to understand that people react differently in different situations. He is broken and emotionally in a bad state right now. He has asked his wife so many times to keep away and to leave him alone but his wife wants to comfort him. I had done my homework and research before this track and I found out that many times in a relationship even if a man or woman is extremely mature, they can go to the point of extremities when some unfortunate incident happens in their lives. Anuj’s character is a giver, a family man. From the beginning he has lost a lot in his life – parents, caretaker, sister, lost the love of his life and marries her after 26 years. So, when a man has lost so much in life, his patience goes to another level when he finally loses his daughter. Can’t a mature, understanding, calm man have an emotional outburst? Can’t he cry or become mad because of a certain situation in his life? I feel the track is portraying a normal situation in everyday life and depicting how real a relationship can get.”

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Gaurav added, “I won’t be able to reveal more about how the story will unfold in future episodes, but people need to understand that people are not perfect, they are normal and that’s what our show is portraying. When you get married and have a child, the entire focus of parents is on the child. When a boat sinks, and if your child is on it, obviously you save the child first and then your other family members. Many people have also asked me about comparisons with Vanraj and even Devika (Jaswir Kaur) compares me with Vanraj’s character, but I feel audiences know that the two characters are not similar. There have been instances of very sane, mature, calm corporate honchos going crazy or undergoing depression and doing extreme things. I feel the track is interesting and a great challenge.”

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