Fated to be – Chapter 8 ( Abhigya )

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After dinner, all r sitting in balcony & chitchatting…

Sumit : *yawning*

  I’m sleepy. Good night …

By saying this he goes towards Abhi’s room door.

{Note : All rooms r connected to balcony. Anyone can enter anyone’s room if their balcony room door is open}

Abhi : Oye, yesterday too, u all came at night . Do u have any idea how u people slept in my room??  Sitting for some time itself causes back pain n legs pain , but purab slept in chair all night.

*Looking towards Samay*

We’ll get leg pain if we fold legs more time na, then how can 6 feet figure can fit on small Ottoman with comfort n saying about sumit is waste of time.

God only knows how this cyclone who can’t sleep properly on big bed itself survived on little couch without falling

N this fuggi, slept on floor …

I don’t want u people to suffer bcoz of me. So, u people r not sleeping in my room. I’ll lock my room & balcony door too.

It’s final..

All r looking at Abhi with innocent faces like child caught while eating chocolates..

Abhi : I’m not going to get convinced with ur looks today ..

Pragya : What he said is right Bhai. U people r working from morning na, so ur body needs rest. By sleeping like this, u’ll get pains. U all r not sleeping here s….

Abhi : That’s my fuggi ?. I know u will support m..

Pragya : So, I’ll sleep in his room…

Abhi : No way. U all r sleeping in ur rooms n I’m in my room..

Purab  : U can’t decide both Abhi. Choice is urs. Either we all or else choti..

Samay too agreed to what Purab said bcoz they thought Abhi will accept all to sleep in his room but what happened is…

Sumit : If choti, sleeps in Abhi bhai’s room, I will also sleep in his room only..

Samay : God, sumit. Y r u behaving like child in this matter too..

Sumit : I’m not behaving like child. Infact I’m behaving like a matured man. So that’s y I too want to sleep there…

All forget the thing on which they r arguing n their curiousness increased towards Sumit’s words…

All with question mark expression

” HOW ?? ”

Sumit : Didn’t u people know that too ? This is y u should watch movies. An IDEAL brother don’t allow his sister to stay alone in anyone’s room. So, I’m saying that I’ll also stay there if choti stays there…

Samay : O sumit. Those r movies. In that, brother’s won’t allow their sister’s for her security issue. But here, we know how Abhi is na..


Purab : oho, Sumit. We gave our choti hands to Abhi na bcoz we trust him. Don’t u trust Abhi??

Sumit nodded his head..

Samay : So, what’s the necessary of ur security here??

Sumit : But ,my ideal ..

Samay / Purab : Now stop ur bak baks n come with us

With that they dragged sumit from there by saying Good night to Abhigya….

Abhi : So, u will sleep in my room…

Pragya : yes…

Abhi : *by pouting * Fine…

In Abhi’s room…

Abhi is walking here n there when Pragya came to his room with her big teddy bear.

Abhi : *pointing to teddy*

y it is here ?

Pragya : I will get afraid if both my sides r not covered so…

Abhi : Then u can hug me na ? ?

Pragya is shocked whereas Abhi laughed seeing her expression n said

I’m just kidding fuggi ” ? ? ?

Abhi : Will u able to sleep on small couch with this giant teddy or will u accompany me in bed ???

Pragya : No, thanks I’ll sleep on couch ?

Pragya settled on couch n Abhi offed lights n on bed small bed side lamps…

Abhi : Good night fuggi…

Pragya : Good night…

Pragya slept sideways so, her one side is couch end n other side she kept teddy. But, as couch is small , the teddy bear often drops to floor. Finally giving up,

Pragya : Suniye, r u awake ??

Abhi : Ha, fuggi.

*He switched on the lights n sat on bed* 

yeah. Tell me..

Pragya : Teddy is falling often ?

Abhi is thinking that she may asks to sleep beside him on bed. So, he is in cloud nine by imagining her, hugging him on his bed…

Abhi : *with a smile*  how can I help u darling ?

Pragya : Can I move this couch beside ur bed so that teddy would be between me n bed & it won’t fall down too ??

Abhi’s smile dropped by hearing that..

Abhi : If couch is beside to bed, then I’ll be beside u na, then u won’t be afraid, so what’s the need of teddy ?

Moreover u can sleep on bed na ?

Pragya : No, If there’s no teddy, I will hug u. U have fracture on left hand na. If I put pressure unknowingly on ur hand in sleep, it will pain u .So, teddy will be there…

Abhi : If my fracture is gone, will u sleep by hugging me ?

Pragya : if u r fine, I’ll sleep in my room na… ? ? ?. R u forgetting the reason y we’re sleeping in ur room ? ??

Abhi : hm ??. Let couch be there. U put teddy between us. U sleep on this side, I’ll sleep on that side of bed . Ok ??

Pragya : hm. Ok

So, pragya moved to bed n put teddy in between them…

Pragya : Suniye…

Abhi : hmm

Pragya : R u sleepy ?

Abhi : No…

Pragya : Can we talk for sometime ?

Abhi : *thinks now teddy won’t be between them for sometime *

Ofcourse ? ?…

In excitement to get up, he put pressure on his hand n he screamed in pain. Pragya immediately got up.

Pragya : R u alright ??

Abhi : I’m fine fuggi…

Pragya : *with layer of tears in her eyes *

Y u got up like that ? Don’t u know that u have fracture ??

Abhi : Stop those tears right there. Don’t make them fall. I’m ok now. U see I’m smiling…

Pragya side hugged him as tears r flowing uncontrollably n said

How can my tears stop when u r not fine ?

” Most important thing here is I’m the reason for ur pain na. Then how can those ever stop ?”

Abhi : *by rubbing her cheek with his palm* But I’m so happy that I got this fracture u know…

Pragya lifted her head from his shoulder with shock expression ? n he kissed her temple ?..

Abhi : Yes. I felt so happy that day as u fell on me. Bcoz of this accident,  I’m spending so much time with u rather than going to office, U r sleeping in my room, u all r taking care of me this much.

By hugging her tightly n with wink

Even now also u r hugging me for that only na, then tell me how I cannot love that fortunate accident of mine ?? ? ? ?

Pragya didn’t say anything. She just kept her head on his shoulder.

Abhi : Now, u thrown ur teddy away na to check me.  So, don’t u bring that teddy tonight further too. That is ur punishment for those tears ?

Pragya : hm.. ok. only tonight..

Abhi thinks “Thank god finally, I got rid of that teddy ?? n Abhi beta do smthg everyday like this to get rid of that bad teddy”

She lifted her head n by seeing his face sideways n asked…

“Suniye, do u remember that day in bathroom, u were singing a song?”

Abhi : Yeah….

Pragya : U have very good voice…

Abhi :Thanks darling ? ?

Pragya :  I loved the song, even I don’t understand the meaning of it ?

Abhi :  haha ? ? Actually, at first I too don’t know the meaning. I heard that song once in YouTube. I liked it. Later, I saw lyrics n it’s meaning. After hearing for innumerable times, I learned that song ..

Pragya : U listened that song that many times ? ?  Is singing ur passion ?

Abhi : No , fuggi. Music is my stress reliever. I listen to all types of songs. So, when I want to tell my inner feelings , I express it with a song ?

Pragya : Really,Can u sing another song?

Abhi : yes

Pragya : Now ….

Abhi : Now ??

Pragya : Ha …

*With cute pout * pls… For me…

Abhi :  If u ask like this, I may kiss u rather than fulfilling ur wish fuggy… ??

*He broke the hug n made her see him*

Abhi started singing the following song by cupping her cheek…

?Jab Tak tujhe pyaar se
   beintihaan Main bhar na doon
   Jab tak main duaaon sa
   sau dafaa Tujhe padh na loon?

{ Until I fill you limitlessly with my love,
Until I recite you a hundred times like prayers }

?Haan mere paas tum raho
   Jaane ki baat na karo
   Mere saath tum raho
   Jaane ki baat na karo?

{ Yes, stay near me
Don’t talk about going
Stay with me
Don’t talk about going }

?Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere
   Sau savere liye
   Sau savere liye?

{ You came into my arms,
With a hundred mornings with you }

?Haan baadalon se utaara gaya
   Tumko mere liye
   Sirf mere liye?

{ You have been descended from the clouds,
For me,
Just for me }

?Jab tak meri ungliyaan
   Tere baalon se kuchh keh na le
   Jab tak teri lehar mein
   Khwaahishein meri beh na le?

  { Till my fingers Say something to your hair,
Till my desires flow In your waves }

?Haan mere paas tum raho
   Jaane ki baat na karo
   Mere saath tum raho
   Jaane ki baat na karo?

{ Yes, stay near me
Don’t talk about going
Stay with me
Don’t talk about going }

Abhi is looking in her eyes all the while. Each n every word of the song is coming from his heart which only she can feel. Her eyes r conveying her joy of being with him & her love for him. It is enough to give unbound happiness n peaceful to him.

After some cute lovely moments, Abhi remembered something..

Abhi : Fuggi, Did the things which we purchased today are there in ur room ?

Pragya : Yeah.

Abhi : Did u check them? Is anything missing from it ?

Pragya : No, I didn’t check it. I’ll see them tomorrow n will inform u if anything is not there.

Abhi : Hm. Ok… Did u get complete schedule of this academic year? I think u should put reminder for ur exams date so u won’t forget them ?

Pragya : Yes. I had n  haha ? ? about exams I don’t need to put reminder as they r from next month…

Abhi : What ? From next month ? How ? U joined 2 weeks back only na ? Then  which clg will conduct semester exams this much early ?

Pragya : Did u forget that I joined clg near to middle of year ? Bcoz of that reason only na, I’m staying here as I can’t stay in clg hostel.

Abhi : O, I didn’t know it ?. Purab is the one who filled all ur details in clg.

O god, I asked u not to go to clg bcoz of security reason na. Now how can u handle it.

I have ur principal contact number na.  Let me ask him the available time of ur professors so that they will teach u here

Where’s my mobile ?

He looks around n saw his mobile on dressing table. He’s about to go when pragya stopped him n cupped his face..

Pragya : Shanth shanth… First calm down… U call principal at this midnight hun?

I can prepare myself for exams. I don’t have any problem. Moreover, today in library they gave me my login I’d n password of clg website. In that there r recorded classes subject wise n topic wise too. So, if I have any doubt, I will listen to those classes. If I don’t understand from that too, I will mail professors n will know. Ok ?

Abhi : R u sure ?

Pragya : *with bright smile *

very sure…

After talking for some more time, sleep over power their senses n they slept by hugging / cuddling on bed. Even though, she slept , pragya is very careful not to hurt his hand….

Next day…

Pragya’s pov…

I’m feeling that my palm on the pillow which i hug everyday is moving up n down. It’s like my pillow is breathing in n out. But, who gave life to my pillow ?? Like in movie Anabella, a doll has ghost in it, did some ghost entered inside my pillow. She moved hands across it n felt abs. From when did my pillow doing work out. Is the ghost in my pillow has 6 packs or what ???

End of pov…

By chanting Hanuman chalisa in fear, pragya opened her one eye n saw a hand with bandage. She lifted her head n saw Abhi. She hugged him tightly to calm her nerves as her fear is getting subsided.

After sometime, when she’s normal, she gently broke the hug. She got up n saw he’s still in deep sleep. Due to their late night talks n the tiredness of yesterday’s journey, he’s in deep slumber. She kissed his forehead ? n left to her room to freshen up. She thought to wake him up after preparing his coffee…

She reached downstairs n saw the house is silent. She went to kitchen n saw Ramu Kaka preparing lunch.

Pragya : Kaka, y r u preparing lunch now itself. Where have all gone ??

Ramu kaka : Beti, now time is 11:15 na. So I’m preparing lunch. Sumit n Samay beta have gone to some place for work n purab beta have gone to office..

Pragya is shocked by hearing time. She checked wall clock to confirm n indeed it’s true. She excuses to Abhi’s room to wake him up when Ramu Kaka is asking her to eat breakfast.

In Abhi’s room…

Pragya : * by shaking him *

Suniye, Wake up na…

Abhi woke up with small smile by hearing her voice n it becomes brightful by seeing her..

Abhi : Happy Morning fuggy.

* By observing her fully *

Hey, when did u wake n u freshen up too ??

Pragya : Ha, Good morning. I woke up half an hour back only. U pls freshen up fast. U have to take medicines na. Later, u take rest, pls…

Abhi : ok. But before that,

He pulled her n kissed her cheek…

“Good morning again…”

With that he walked towards his closet whereas she’s shocked n then blushed….

Nikhil : Did u find anything new about them ?

Person  : Yes sir. Three days back, I saw a girl with Samay in car. Later Purab also joined them in nearby mall and ..

Nikhil : U idiot, she maybe a normal girl who needs their help. I want something important not like this girls n shopping malls.  Understand..

Person  : But sir, later that day Abhi also reached the mall n he hugged her.Yesterday Abhi n that girl have gone to some clg, then to shopping later went out of City…

Person : Yes, sir. That day too, she went with Abhi from mall to MM.

Nikhil : She’s staying in MM ?

Person : Maybe, sir. Bcoz,She didn’t come out from MM after that.

Nikhil : Hm, interesting… A girl in their house…

Try to find more about her…

Nikhil : So, Abhishek Mehra. There’s a girl in ur house….

Who’s she n what could be the relation of her with u all 4 ???

Whatever it is, u all r going to pay for what u have done to me …

Thank you once again for reading this chapter n sry if u r not happy after reading it…

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