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Didn’t thought that a day will come when you will be left alone and have to face your problem alone .without any companian ,without  any type of support,without anykind of well wishers stand for us…….all alone…standing middle of the road”

Its happened on her life too.now she is left alone,standing on the middle of the road .she had a companion .it was on her womb.its not mean someone ditched her ,its not mean someone cheat her.its all her fate…her fate to be left alone

she is a lovely girl who had lots of friends,a very good family,good lifestyleand so on.but fate deside something ..to make her alone ..to make her loose all the happiness.to make her to learn about the bitter truth of life.

like a teenager a typical puppy love.its note like a puppy love they wish to get marry after studies…. wish to have a small happy family ..wish to have a small house and live smoothly.

After studies they approch their family.but due to some reason it rejected.both family didn’t agreed for their marriage decision  rather they seperatly fixed their marriage without their wish.so they thought to elope .they eloped from the marriage house by shattering all the drems of their family to fulful their dream to be together.

we can’t blame neither them nor their family..for them their love is important they had a special policy .for their family ,their dreams about their childrens life.its happen with all the parents that they dream sbout their child lime when he or she born.

being an unemployed man they struggled a lot .lot means lot.but they did a good thing by completing studies.they are not drop out.it helped their life .they thought practically about future so firstly they completed their studies and after that they proceed their marriage and during their study time they make sure there is no gossips are around about their relation as lovers.

they simply got married…a register marriage and started their journey together .but …fate changed everything…everything changed.its true that all times our wish will not became true .its time for separation the time strike .they separated by an accident not by taking away any lfe but taking away all the beautiful memmories they shared together..all the loveable moment…all the struggled period of togetherness .yes a typical serial or film like memmory loss….. His family took him with them cursing her as an unlucky and blaming her for taking their son from them.

being a pregnent girl she left alone.her family didnt came to took her .her fate desided to make her alone and it happened .fate find a way to left her alone.

After a past six years.she became a mature and responsible girl NO a mother , a mother of five year old girl,a cute little girl.she struggled a lot to be in this position.now she was working in a company .Again  her fate desided to make a change in her life. Her love..her husband came back to her office as a new staff.she suffered.

There her five year old girl and her husband shared an unbreakable bond.it became hard for her to lie her daughter about her dad when he was near .it went  long. but now fate desided to put an end ….put an end in her long sufferings.her sufferings ended by a cute or a lovly proposal by her husband to became his wife when she  is already……his wife.

Fate also played another game by giving him his lost memmory.

Years passed.A day came to them.the same day  which approched their parents lives and things turns down.their daughter came to them with a guy claiming as her love.

They thought like typical parents but one thing striked their mind.their life .if they reject she will elope .its her age .so they thought for sometimes and came up a decision by making their child happy but meanwhile they enquired about their would be son in law.its a shocking news that he ,their child love is not a genuine guy.so they thought to took which step first so that teir child will be with them and she understand about the true nature of her love.and they succed in their mission.

All the parents play a role in children life .its  all chapters which life teaches them like what happened in her life.life teach her that our family is our supporting system,our encouraging gang. so she make sure what happened in her life it will not repeat in their child life too

but its a fact that what future thought for us it will happen .it can’t change,it will happen on the right time ,on the right place at the right moment……………….

firstly i thought to elaborate this concept as a big story but i dont known what make my mind to do it as a small shot in one night yes its not a typical love story not a typical happy ending story but it is…. from my point i don’t know what about you.

thanks for all who spent their precious time to read my short story.and i m sorry if i disappointed you…i m sorry if i waste your time by my stupidity.and once again thank you ,,,thank you for all the readers….

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