Faltu 9th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu plans Ayaan’s birthday

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Faltu 9th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu taking care of everyone. Dadi says I want to sit with you all and talk. Savita asks where is Shanaya. Faltu says she took medicines and she is resting. She asks Kinshuk to get Ayesha back, they will stay together. He says I had called her. Kumkum asks him to go and meet Ayesha. She says we all will come to get her. Suhana asks where is Ayaan. Faltu says he went outside. Suhana reminds the date. Savita says its Ayaan’s birthday tomorrow, how did we forget. Faltu says I have an idea, we will act like we forgot the birthday and then we will surprise him. Suhana says we will wish him tomorrow. Savita says no, he will feel bad, I will make his fav food. Janardhan says we have to pretend it, when he knows, he will get double happy. Faltu asks her to make food for him. Kinshuk says we won’t wish him, done. Ayaan comes and asks about the planning. Janardhan says nothing, Faltu get a cup of coffee for Ayaan. She goes. Ayaan says Ruhaan asked me to join soon, dad can take rest, I will handle, I have to talk to Faltu about state trials, she didn’t practice cricket. Govind says yes, she should get back to cricket. Janardhan asks how will all this happen, we have to pay back the loans, how will Ayaan manage the job and her practice, Faltu won’t leave the family for cricket. Ayaan and Faltu have a talk. She says I will take admission in cricket academy. She recalls Ruhaan’s words. She lies to Ayaan.

Ayaan asks how will we get admission in between. Faltu says I met a madam there, she had seen my viral video, she said she will give me admission. Ayaan asks why didn’t you tell me before. She says I was waiting for you to come home. She feels sorry to lie to him. She thinks Ruhaan has forced me to lie. He says its good, you will practice well and get a good diet, I have realized, I have to work hard and get this house back. He goes. She says I have to lie to him every day, what if he knows it.

Ayaan wakes up and calls out Faltu. He says its my first birthday with Faltu. She comes and gives him aarti. He smiles. She asks him to get ready and come, everyone is waiting for breakfast. He says new saree, is it a special day. She says yes, everything got fine in the house, I m going out for work, everyone is so happy. He asks is there anything else. She says no, come soon. She goes. He says how would she wish me, I didn’t tell her about my birthday. Shanaya takes Faltu and says you will need the cricket gear in academy, don’t you want to play for me. Faltu asks her to talk slowly. Sumitra comes and asks them to say. She says I got juice for Shanaya, you are the house owner, its my duty to take care of you.

Faltu lies to Sumitra. Sumitra asks about Ayaan’s birthday party. Faltu says we are planning it, you, Sid and Tanu stay away from it, I don’t want Ayaan’s mood to spoil. Sumitra asks did I say I will come. She thinks to find out what is Faltu hiding. Kanika, Tanu and Sid come to meet Ruhaan.

Tanu argues with Ruhaan. Ruhaan says you sold the company to me, the owner has changed now. She says I came to request you, we want to buy Mittal house from you. Ruhaan says I have bought the house, how did you get the money back. Tanu says mom wasn’t ready that time, she is ready now, I want to buy the house and gift to them to end our issues. Ruhaan taunts her. Ayaan meets everyone. Suhana says I was showing my new blog to Kinshuk. He asks her to carry on. He says even they don’t remember. Harsh compliments Ayaan. Govind says you don’t know what’s special, Ayaan is going to office after many days. Harsh says yes. Ayaan thinks they also don’t remember. Janardhan also compliments and blesses Ayaan. Ayaan greets Dadi. Dadi blesses him. He says how can dad and Dadi forget my birthday, they were sick, maybe that’s why. Kumkum says Ayaan, it’s a big day for you. Ayaan says someone remembers. She says I have packed tiffin also, you are going to office after many days, all your problems will end today.

Ayaan says they didn’t wish me for birthday. He sees Savita and smiles. He says mum can’t forget my birthday. He greets her. She blesses him. She says you and Faltu will succeed. He says even she doesn’t remember. He gets sad. He says fine then, I will go to office. They say bye. Shanaya comes. Faltu signs her not to say. She asks Ayaan did you think we will forget it, take your tiffin. He says you focus on cricket, instead packing tiffin. He leaves. They all laugh. Savita says he got sad on his birthday. Faltu says it’s a matter of some time.

Faltu asks Shanaya to wear the mask and play. Ayaan joins the academy as the coach.

Update Credit to: Amena

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