Faltu 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu gets rescued

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Faltu 9th July 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu joining the procession. The goons stop. Faltu faints. The ladies attend her. The goon says that girl is very clever, sorry, she escaped. The ladies say we have to take her to ashram. Tanu thinks I have to meet Ruhaan and know his plan about Faltu. Sumitra asks when are you going to meet Kanika, I m thinking to come along, she will be glad to see me. Tanu thinks I have to meet Ruhaan. She says I will take permission for you next time. She leaves. Sumitra says is Tanu hiding something. The ladies get Faltu to the ashram. Guru ji checks her and says we can’t say anything until she gets conscious.

Tanu comes to meet Ruhaan. She hears the manager talking about Faltu. Ruhaan asks what are you doing here, I have to go for imp work, leave. She says I came to talk to you, just call Faltu. They argue. She says I know Faltu isn’t here, you are lying, how can you do this, if anything happens to her, find her, before Ayaan knows she isn’t here. She leaves. Guru ji treats Faltu. Ruhaan comes to meet Janardhan. He asks why did you call me here, I won’t forgive you, whatever you do.

Janardhan says you know half the truth, I will tell you the complete truth, I didn’t do anything wrong with your dad. Ruhaan asks do you mean, my dad lied to me. Guru ji and the ladies treat Faltu. He says I don’t know anyone is finding her. He prays for her. He says we have to talk to police. The man says our truth can come out if Guru ji calls the police. Janardhan says I took money from your dad, the money and diary got stolen, I had no contact of him, I filed a police report, you can check it, I arranged money and set the business, I went to meet Avinash after 2 days, nobody knew about him, he left the house, I tried hard to find him, I was happy to know you are Avinash’s son, I have kept the money safe, I can’t return your dad, if you take the money, then my guilt will get less, don’t take my revenge on Ayaan and Faltu, please send Faltu back. Ruhaan leaves.

Ayaan packs his bags. Savita cries and asks him not to go. He says I feel I can’t breathe here, I want to go home. Dadi says let him go, Savita, he will become strong and come back. Kumkum asks Savita not to worry. Ayaan says don’t cry. Dadi blesses Ayaan. Tanu comes. Ayaan says I want to focus on myself. He hugs them and leaves. Dadi says I know your and Faltu’s story has many chapters left. Faltu gets up and says where did the goons get me. The lady says you are in our ashram, you are safe here. Guru ji comes and talks to Faltu. He asks who are you, why were goons after you, where is your house. Faltu says they tried to kidnap me, don’t know where were they taking me, thanks a lot for taking care of me. He asks her to have kada. He says you don’t need to worry, Mahadev thought good for you, so you have reached here, leave the problems to him, take rest now. Faltu cries. Ayaan leaves from home. He thinks I don’t know where I will reach, its all on fate now.

Ayaan comes to the ashram. The temple bell rings. Faltu sees Ayaan and goes to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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