Faltu 9th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu hides from Ayaan

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Faltu 9th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pappi going ahead. He doesn’t see Faltu. Ayaan says there is friendship, trust and respect, love will happen, Tanu loves me and trusts me, I can’t let that trust break. He recalls Faltu’s words. He says I don’t want to hear her name, I told this clearly, I don’t want to see her face, it will be good if you also accept this thing. He goes. Kanika talks to Tanisha on call. She says it’s a matter of one month, I promise I will plan Ayaan and your honeymoon in Switzerland. Tanisha says one month is too much, I will try. She says I m not liking this rasam. Kinshuk says me too, even I don’t like it. Ayesha and Sahana also sympathize with her. Sid comes and hears them talking. He says you are expecting wrong from a wrong person, Ayaan won’t understand easily, I will ask Janardhan to give 30 day leave to Ayaan, I will handle the business. Tanisha smiles.

Pappi and his man leave from the hotel. Charan and Pratap take Faltu. Pappi calls Sid. They both argue. Pappi says Faltu is still in Mumbai with her dad. Sid says then don’t waste time, find her, I will give you a good reward, else don’t call me again. Pappi says I want money for my expenses. Pappi’s man says we will go to the room and have food, lift isn’t working, we have to go by stairs. Pappi says we will have food outside, come. They leave. Faltu comes there. Ayaan asks Savita to give breakfast, he has to go to office. Janardhan says you aren’t going. Savita says Ayaan, you have to give time to Tanisha. Tanisha says we will go on shopping today.

Ayaan says I will at least go once and explain to the work. Janardhan says Sid will handle it. Sid says forward me the meeting’s details, I will handle it. Sumitra says best of luck. Sid thanks her and goes. Savita says no one will disturb Ayaan and Tanisha today. Dadi says no, Ayaan will take me to the eye doctor today, I have some eye pain. Ayaan and Dadi come to the eye clinic. They wait for the doctor.

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Faltu comes there with Charan and Pratap. Raahein…plays… Ayaan doesn’t see her. Sid instructs the manager and says I m the boss here, if anyone wants to take Ayaan’s name, then I will fire you, go and do your job. Sid smiles. Faltu hears Ayaan and says Ayaan can’t see us, we have to go. Charan says Ayaan is with his Dadi. Faltu asks is Dadi fine. Pratap says yes, they are coming this way. Faltu says please come with me. Charan says he won’t see us, fine, we will go if you say. They go.

Faltu collides with a lady. The lady scolds her. Charan and Pratap apologize to the lady, and rush with Faltu. Ayaan hears Pratap and goes to see. Dadi says come Ayaan, Tanisha is waiting, we have to go. Ayaan gets his phone. Nurse asks Charan to come. Charan takes Faltu. Kanika says you didn’t select 16 players. The man says we have taken the tests, but… She says I want 16 members team. He says we will make the team ready by next month. She says I want 16 best players in my team, try to spread the news and get the players from the villagers, this is the right chance to link name with the Indian cricket team. Faltu gets the eye tests done. Doctor says there are chances of her eyesight coming back, but there is a problem. Charan says its about her entire life, there would be some solution. Doctor says we have to do her operation soon, it will cost 15 lakhs. They get shocked.
Faltu says Pappi is coming. Charan asks how did he know we are here. Pappi and his man come there.

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