Faltu 9th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Faltu’s medical condition

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Faltu 9th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tanisha saying I feel we should help Faltu, she has run away from the house, you get a job for her. Ayaan thinks I can’t tell you about her passion for cricket, I m already helping you. He says I m happy, you are thinking of Faltu, you have a clean heart, now my focus is on our marriage, we will see later what we can do for Faltu. She smiles. He says I m very sure that Faltu’s life won’t be Faltu like her name, go and get ready, I will see you. Jamuna asks Charan why is he making the villagers against them. She says we have to think of our daughters. Lajwanti comes and argues. She says I can’t go back. She shows the marks on her back and cries. Antima says my husband also beats me, but I can’t bear the taunts, I can’t put our parents in trouble, call Faltu back. Charan says no, I have made many mistakes, its time to rectify the mistake, we have to live with head high. Lajwanti says when Faltu earns a money and comes, then everyone will welcome us. Charan says yes, they will support us, we can live if we have courage. Jamuna says its not easy, Faltu should know what’s happening with us, it will be her decision to come back, but she has to know this. He asks did you go mad, don’t call her, if the villagers trouble me, then I will take you all to Mumbai and find a job. Antima thinks to make Faltu know this. She calls Faltu from Charan’s phone. Faltu asks how are you all. Antima cries.

Faltu asks how are you. Charan takes the phone and doesn’t let Antima say anything. He talks to Faltu about Ayaan and her admission. He says Ayaan is a nice man, inform me about the admission. She says okay, take care. She recalls Charan and cries. She says I hadn’t stayed away from you ever. Her vision gets blurred. She recalls the doctor’s words that she can get blind. She says if I go blind, then I can’t fulfil Ayaan and my dreams. She looks for medicines. Sid looks on. She puts the drops in her eyes. Sid comes in. She says Ayaan… He sings Arey deewano… She says oh, Sid. He says you can share things with me. She says there is nothing such, I will get ready now. He says yes, of course. He thinks I won’t leave you, you have to get friendly to me, I have to make you admit Ayaan’s truth in front of the family.

Faltu gets ready. Ayaan comes and asks what was the reason, you have hidden a big thing from me, you cheated me. She asks what did I do. He asks do you have a blood circulation problem in retina, do you have a vision problem. She says yes. He asks when were you going to tell this to me, after losing your eyesight. She thinks Sid would have told him. She says no, He says I m taking a big risk so that you play cricket and you… why am I doing this. She says forgive me, He says you will become a big cricket. He scolds her a lot. She apologizes and cries. He angrily leaves. She shouts and asks him to listen, she didn’t want to break his faith, so she didn’t tell me anything. She looks at herself. Her imagination ends.

She says I have to tell everything to Ayaan. Tanisha gets ready and asks do I look good. Faltu says yes. Tanisha says you mean I don’t look much good. Faltu says you can look at yourself, you don’t look Rajasthani bahu. Tanisha says my friends are waiting for me, they will joke on me, stay here, I will just come. She goes out and sees the beautiful flowers in the garden. She hears Ayaan on call and calls him out. She throws a flower at him. He asks what’s this. She says it’s a flower. She asks what’s Tanisha’s fav flower. He says I have no idea. She asks what, she is your childhood friend, I thought its your love marriage. He says its not related to love marriage. She says my dad loves my mum, he knows her likes and dislikes. Ayaan says he would know it in years. She says yes, you also know Tanisha, you are the best in everything and also cricket. He says don’t take cricket’s name in the house, I don’t know Tanisha’s likes, she also doesn’t know that I like yellow flowers. She says yes, but we should try to know, one who is in love does this on own.

Bua says you have to go for cricket match. Faltu says we will see Ayaan’s haldi and go. Pappi comes there in disguise and looks for Faltu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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