Faltu 8th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan stays upset

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Faltu 8th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tanisha and Ayaan’s grahpravesh happening. Sid looks on. Charan hugs Faltu and consoles her. Faltu says I have become a burden on you, I have become your biggest weakness when I wanted to become your courage, forgive me. She cries. He says you will get fine, I m hopeful that your eyesight will come back. Pratap says I will help you. Charan hugs them. He asks Pratap to come with him. He asks Faltu to take rest. Faltu says don’t tell anything to Ayaan, swear on me, don’t tell anything to Ayaan. Charan says fine, I won’t say anything.

Dadi explains the ritual to Tanisha. Savita asks Tanisha not to worry, its just a rasam, the result doesn’t matter, don’t take stress. Tanisha smiles. Faltu sits crying and recalls Ayaan. She says you have given me a hope to win, no one can lose until this hope is there.

Ayaan and Tanisha fulfil the rasam. Suhana wishes all the best to Tanisha. Tanisha thinks its easy, Ayaan and I are soulmates. She lifts the plate. She loses the balance and drops it. Everyone worries. Sumitra says Tanisha will have to work hard to live with Ayaan. Kumkum says girls are delicate these days, Tanisha did well, really. Savita asks her not to take stress. Ayaan looks on. Sid jokes. He says Tanisha is so compromising and supportive, marriage will work, no one can separate them when a clever girl like Faltu failed. Ayaan shouts Sid. He says no one will talk about Faltu in this house.

Bua cries. Janardhan and everyone agree. Savita goes after Tanisha and Ayaan. She tells them what Kanika told about Guru ji’s words. She says you both can’t take the married life ahead for a month, you both will stay in different rooms, okay. They agree.

Angoori asks where is Pratap, tell me, Pappi is also there, I will find out. Ratan also warns Jamuna. Jamuna cries. Faltu recalls Ayaan’s words and practices. Pappi also comes to the same hotel. Ratan and Angoori call Pappi to find out Faltu, she is still in Mumbai with Charan and Pratap. Pappi says don’t worry, I will find her out. Ayaan recalls Faltu’s words and gets hurt. Bua comes to him. He says I m feeling hungry. Bua says I understand you well, whatever you told about Faltu, what was that, you know Faltu can’t cheat anyone. He says that’s the truth, I told what I saw and heard. He tells her everything. He says she is so happy, she doesn’t need us now. He says I have lied a lot to Tanisha and family, I won’t do anything wrong now, its high time I understand my responsibilities and value their faith. She says I understand, I believe you, just answer one thing, do you love Tanisha. Pappi whistles. Faltu thinks Pratap has come and opens the door.

Faltu meets the doctor. Doctor asks for 15 lakhs for the operation. Ayaan comes there with Dadi. Faltu worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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