Faltu 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu hurts Ayaan’s heart

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Faltu 6th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu turning away. Ayaan takes care of Tanisha. He sees Pratap. He thinks Faltu would be around. Tanisha asks where are you going. He says I will just donate something to the poor and come. She says you think a lot for everyone. Pandit asks didn’t your husband come along. Faltu says no. Pandit asks her to say the name. She says girls don’t take their husband’s name, its an abshagun, you keep the chadava, I will take my husband’s name in my heart. She does the rituals. Pratap looks for Faltu. He hears the temple bells. Charan calls him. He answers. He says I m not able to find her. The lady asks Faltu to stay there. Faltu says puja happened well, I will go to dad now. Ayaan comes. He gets shocked seeing Faltu with the sindoor.

Ayaan says you are acting after seeing me, tell me, you don’t know me, or you don’t want to know me. He asks what’s this sindoor, why did you apply this sindoor, say something, I was so worried for you, you didn’t think of calling me, who applied this sindoor, did Pappi do this.She says I don’t want to talk to you, stop following me, I don’t want to keep any relation with you. He asks why are you saying this, you think I will go without getting my answers. She says I got married yesterday night, this sindoor is applied by my husband.

He asks who is your husband, who did you marry, that Pappi. She asks why do you care to ask, go and stay happy with your wife, spare my life, go away from here. He says I will go away, I had seen sindoor in your maang before I fainted, I m worried that I had applied that sindoor. She shouts. She asks what nonsense, you got married to Tanisha, not me, I m someone’s wife now, I did this to get saved from Pappi, sorry for messing your life, I have left cricket, I got married, family is happy, I got rid of Pappi, I have to handle my family now, you handle your family, leave me please, our ways are different. Dr. Abhi comes and calls her out. Faltu asks Ayaan to meet her husband and then go away. Kaki says her husband has come, I will go now. Abhi asks Faltu to come, everyone is worried. He asks who is this man. Faltu says I don’t know who is he, maybe he is finding someone, we will go, we are getting late. He says come, we will have food and go. He takes Faltu with him.

Ayaan shouts stop. He says thanks for showing me a mirror today, else I would have not known your truth, I was foolish to worry for you, you are a selfish girl, you want me to leave from your life, fine, I will fulfill your wish, I will forget you. He leaves. Abhi asks who is he, you went to washroom, how did you come here, you said you aren’t married, what’s this sindoor. Faltu thinks sorry, I did a sin today, Ayaan is my husband.

She asks Abhi to help her in wiping the sindoor, if Charan sees it, then she won’t have any answer. He says fine, come with me. Ayaan goes to his car and gets angry. Tanisha asks what happened, Ayaan. He says I realized one thing, not every needy needs us, they are blo*dy cheaters, we can’t trust them. She asks did anyone say something. He says no, come Tanisha, I don’t want to stay around selfish people. They leave.

Ayaan and Tanisha come home. Kanika hugs her. She asks why is Ayaan so upset. Tanisha says we had the darshan, Ayaan went to give charity, he is angry since then. Kanika asks is there any problem, Ayaan. Tanisha asks Ayaan to tell them. Kanika asks him to say. Ayaan says I didn’t think of this, I met that Faltu in the temple. Tanisha asks what. Ayaan tells them everything.

Kanika says she didn’t thank you and left, she is thankless. Tanisha says I can’t believe this, Faltu can’t do this with you. He says she did this. Kanika says I told you many times, that girl isn’t fine, I told you, she just wants to take an advantage of us. Tanisha says police said she lost her eyesight, what about it. Kanika says it would be a lie. Ayaan says it’s a lie. Kanika says I will not spare her, I will give her an answer when she comes to the cricket academy. He says you won’t do this, you have a right to get angry on me, we have a relation, I don’t want to keep any relation with that girl, she doesn’t deserve our hatred. Tanisha says I should have talked to her. Ayaan says I have seen everything, I have seen her brother and husband there, its all my mistake, I couldn’t know that girl, what an idiot I was. Guru ji comes. He asks is there any tension. He says bidaai mahurat is in some time, did you have darshan in the temple. Tanisha says yes, we did the puja well. Guru ji says tell me if there is any dilemma. Kanika says I spoke to you about Faltu, did she leave from my children’s lives, or can she come back.

Faltu says you have taught me a lot, Ayaan. She hears a whistle and thinks Pratap has come. Pappi comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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