Faltu 5th January 2023 Written Episode Update: Faltu and Ayaan’s hit and miss

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Faltu 5th January 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Abhi helping Faltu and family. Jamuna calls Charan. He says I found Faltu. She says Police is finding Pappi, he won’t come here, you get Faltu here. He says I can’t come right now, I have some imp work. She asks him to send Pratap back, Angoori is ill. Pratap says I can’t come back until I see Faltu happy. Jamuna helps her.

Faltu says I will never leave you when I come back. Jamuna blesses her. Faltu asks her to take care. Ayaan and Tanisha are on the way. She plays her fav song. She says I m so happy, pinch me. He pinches her hand. She says its proved that this is a reality, we have become husband and wife. She says we will go to the temple and pray, Guru ji never says wrong. They reach the temple. Faltu also comes there. Guru ji says Ayaan and Tanisha have to give a test of their patience, the coming 30 days are tough for them, they can’t unite till then, they have to stay here, this is the only way. Kanika says okay, it will happen as you say.

Abhi tells about the temple’s significance. He says married couples come here, wives pray for their husbands here. Faltu worries. She thinks I will always keep this relation. She cries. Charan asks why are you crying. She says no, my eyes are getting watery because I lost my eyesight, I have to go to washroom. She stumbles. Pratap asks her to be careful. She says I forgot I need support now. Charan asks how will we send her to washroom, we can’t take her there. He asks a lady to take Faltu to washroom. The lady agrees. Faltu goes. Ayaan doesn’t see her. Bua decorates the room. Savita and Bua have a talk. Govind says Ayaan and Tanisha have gone to the temple, because Kanika’s Guru ji told so, Kanika believes him a lot. Bua asks why are you worried. Savita asks why did he send them to the temple suddenly, is there any problem. Bua says its good. Dadi says Ayaan and Tanisha are right for each other. Bua gets thinking. Faltu thanks the lady. The lady says I will take you back to your dad, he trusted me and asked me to take you. Faltu says I will go on my own. The lady goes.

Faltu hears the temple bell. She says I m newly married, I forgot to apply sindoor. The lady gives her the sindoor and congratulates her for marriage. Faltu applies the sindoor. Ayaan and Tanisha come there. The lady gives her aarti plate and asks Faltu to pray well. She asks how did your husband you alone in this state. She asks Faltu to come. Tanisha says there is a big queue. Pandit meets them and says Guru ji already told me about your coming, come with me. The ladies talk about the rich people coming for the pujas, VIPs have come. Faltu worries. Charan and Pratap are at the temple. Charan worries for Faltu. Pratap goes to see. Pandit blesses Ayaan and Tanisha. Tanisha stumbles. Ayaan holds her and asks are you fine. Faltu hears his voice and turns.

Ayaan scolds Faltu. She asks him to leave her alone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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