Faltu 5th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Tanisha apologizes to Faltu

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Faltu 5th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan seeing Faltu and smiling. He collides with Janardhan. Janardhan sees Faltu applying mehendi and asks them to wind up the function soon. Faltu says yes, he is right, when will the other functions start. She thinks to change Janardhan’s heart and get forgiveness. Everyone rehearses the dance. They all have fun. Ayaan says Tanisha isn’t comfortable, but she is practicing with Faltu. Faltu teaches dance to Tanisha. Tanisha says I can’t do this. Faltu asks her to take ten rounds. Tanisha says I can’t do this, I have an idea, just put the ghunghat and dance in my place. Faltu says no. Tanisha says media will be there, please understand. Faltu says you have to think of Ayaan and his love, when Ayaan comes as Kanha to dance with you, your heart will also become of Radha. Tanisha smiles. Faltu asks her to keep this smile, go and get ready. Tanisha says wait, I m sorry, I judged you and scolded you, you helped me a lot, sorry, you are really nice. Faltu says don’t embarrass me, thanks for giving me a space in your life, you have done good deeds to get a partner like Ayaan, I pray for your happiness, you both look mad for each other. Tanisha corrects her and says made for each other. She asks Faltu to go and get ready.

Faltu goes sadly. Faltu’s sister Lajwanti meets her friend Amar. She says my husband left me, why don’t we go to Mumbai, Faltu also went there, you love me right, we will get married there. He says you are married. She says no, I m not his wife, but just a toy for him. He says forgive me for hurting your wounds, the outcome can be wrong. She says take me from here as Ayaan took Faltu. He says Ayaan isn’t from this village. She says he is a man, he has taken Faltu with him, Faltu will become a big player and change everyone’s thinking, take me away. She hears her mum and asks Amar to go, they will make the eloping plan soon. The sangeet function starts. The women dance first on London Thumakda…. Faltu comes. Ayaan sees her. Suhana teases him. She asks him to admit, that Tanisha looks amazing. Tanisha comes and asks mesmerized, whom were you seeing. Suhana says Faltu, no, of course you. Tanisha smiles.

Kinshuk and Ayesha praise the performance. Faltu says you both look very good together. She wards off their bad sight. Tanisha says I m scared, our performance will be good or not, where is your focus, Ayaan. He says sorry. They have a talk. Ayesha calls Kanika on stage. Kanika dances on Jhumka gira re… Everyone claps. Ayaan and Faltu see each other.

Faltu’s mum says try to understand, we will take Lajwanti and Altima to their inlaws, their lives won’t have any existence here. Charan says I can’t give what Jamai sa wants. She says don’t get adamant, we can’t ruin their lives, our fate is back, get Faltu back, get her married to Pappi. He refuses. Lajwanti says Faltu won’t come back here, we should become her strength. Her mum says you got married, you can’t stay without your husband. Lajwanti argues. She says Faltu won’t come back and I won’t go to Sasural. Charan says she is right, I will give them their lives, they will do what they want, Faltu won’t come back until she fulfills her dreams, its my last dream.

Sumitra records Ayaan and Faltu. Sid says Faltu will tell everything to the family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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