Faltu 4th December 2022 Written Episode Update: Ayaan and Tanisha’s mehendi

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Faltu 4th December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with everyone reaching the temple. Kanika gets a jerk by the kids. Faltu catches the mehendi bowl tray. Ayaan holds her in arms. Tanisha gets angry. Sumitra taunts them. Faltu says I saved the shagun mehendi from falling. Pandit says she saved it from bad omen. Kanika thanks her. Faltu recalls her mum’s words. Dadi says she is Faltu, she stays with us. Pandit says its good. Dadi says she is auspicious for us. Chachi says yes, pandit also said it, Janardhan should agree. Bua says don’t know why he doesn’t like open minded girls. Pandit blesses Faltu. He asks them to come for puja. Pappi gets angry on Ratan. He says I will kill that Ayaan. Sid comes and asks him to keep mind calm. Pappi and Sid argue.

Ayaan asks Faltu to come inside. Faltu says I can’t come inside. Ayaan and Bua ask her to come. Sid shouts on Pappi and asks what did you do when Ayaan got Faltu here. Pappi says I will kill him and take Faltu with me. Sid says you do anything with Faltu, you can’t take her until I get proof that Ayaan got her here, go to village and get the proof. Ratan asks what if we don’t get, our motive is to take Faltu to village. Som says we can do this anytime. Sid says if I can’t do anything, then take Faltu with you, but on marriage day, not before that, I will ruin him. He thinks I will expose Ayaan and get business and Tanisha. Faltu prays for Ayaan.

Pandit guides them the rituals. Charan says we couldn’t talk to Ayaan. He asks Pratap to call Suhana and ask about Faltu. Ratan’s wife comes and scolds them. She says Ratan got much insulted, Pappi and Ratan got defamed because of Faltu. Pratap says calm down. She runs to beat him. Charan gets Ayaan’s message… everything is fine, Faltu is safe, no need to worry. He says Ayaan is a nice person, he will take care of Faltu. Tanisha gets her mehendi applied. Everyone smiles. Ayaan comes and sits to find his name in Tanisha’s mehendi. Faltu goes to help Chachi. Chachi says don’t worry, you are our guest. Faltu says you all love me and care for me, don’t call me guest, let me help. Govind asks Ayaan what are you doing, find your name in it. Ayaan says its tough, I quit. Sumitra says Sid would have found his name if he was in his place, I mean Sid is sharp. Ayaan says I m not finding my name, I m sure even Tanisha can’t find it. Bua and Alok ask him to find it. Alok jokes. They all have a laugh. Charan greets his sons in law. They scold Charan for making Faltu flee and defaming them. Charan says sorry, Faltu didn’t do anything, she went for her rights. The man says thank God Angoori told us about this matter. He warns Charan and asks him to call Faltu back.

Ayaan applies the mehendi to Tanisha. Faltu smiles for them. All the men apply the mehendi to their wives. Savita asks Faltu to get mehendi, even Suhana is single, she is also getting mehendi. Sumitra taunts Faltu. Everyone insists. Tanisha also asks Faltu to get the mehendi. Faltu nods. Faltu’s mum requests her sons in law to not leave their daughters. The man says we won’t keep relations with this family, call Faltu back and get her married to Pappi, then we will take your daughters back. Faltu’s sister takes a stand for Faltu. Her husband raises hand and scolds her. Charan stops him and says don’t dare to raise hand on my daughter. The man says then keep daughters at your home. The men leave. Faltu’s mum asks why did you break the relation. Faltu’s sister says its better to break the relation than living with humiliation. Her mum says we broke our two daughters’ house to settle one daughter.

Ayaan sees Faltu and smiles. He performs with Tanisha in the sangeet.

Update Credit to: Amena

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