Faltu 3rd December 2022 Written Episode Update: Faltu gets Ayaan’s support

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Faltu 3rd December 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bua, Ayaan and family members defending Faltu. They all support Faltu, and say Faltu won’t go anywhere. Sid waits for his trump card. A man delivers the courier for Janardhan. He says it came from airline company. Janardhan says its not a big deal. Sid says its travel history. Harsh says strange, why did they send this. Suhana says airlines sends us the travel history every month. Sid says this travel history will shut up these goons, it will be proved that Ayaan came to Mumbai alone. Harsh says yes, tell them. Govind checks the papers.

Sid thinks now see you will lose everything in one hit. Janardhan asks Govind to say. Tanisha says it means Ayaan you came with Faltu, they are saying right. Sumitra says amazing, you have done it. Sid says let them take Faltu away, then I will get Tanisha. Tanisha says I can’t tolerate this. Kanika scolds Ayaan. Janardhan says Ayaan didn’t say anything. Kanika says his silence is showing his truth. Faltu says this happened because of me, I m ready to go back to the village with them. She asks Ratan to take her home. She cries and goes. Ayaan stops her. Janardhan says you want to keep this dirt with you, she had splashed dirt on me. He scolds Ayaan. He asks them to take Faltu. Suhana says don’t send her, Pappi uncle is bad. Janardhan shouts. Harsh asks her to be quiet. Ayaan says Govind is shocked to see Faltu and my name in the list, I will tell the story. Sumitra asks what’s there to say, this means Ayaan made Faltu run away. Janardhan says you can’t cheat me and break my pride, say it’s a lie.

Sid says I m shocked, you cheated Janardhan, you were my inspiration, you ended this, I felt you are hiding something, you were hiding this girl, Bua has helped him, Ayaan you didn’t think of our name and Janardhan’s respect. Ayaan says flight has 300 passengers, you mean I got all of them with me. He asks Govind to check his seat number and say. He scolds Pappi and asks him to shut up. Govind says the seat numbers are different. Ayaan recalls getting an economy ticket for Faltu due to non-availability. Sid says so what, what’s proved, accept your mistake and apologize to them, else I will apologize on your behalf. He apologizes to Tanisha and Kanika from his side. Ayaan says I didn’t do any mistake. Ratan says you have ruined our family respect by getting Faltu here. Ayaan asks did you see. He says all this is just a coincidence, if we had run together, then I would have sat with her. Pappi says coincidences don’t happen, don’t fool me, I got my wife, I m taking her back. Ayaan says you will go alone, Faltu can’t go with an animal like you. Faltu looks at him.

Pappi says I will kill you today. Janardhan shouts. Ratan asks Pappi to calm down. Tanisha says you said you got late because of Faltu. Janardhan says answer us Ayaan. Ayaan thinks sorry to lie, I don’t want you to get insulted, this truth shouldn’t come out, its for Faltu’s safety. He calls the man. The man says you spoke to Tahsildar that day for your work. Ayaan says thanks. He asks do you have any more questions, you would be thinking how Faltu had money to run away. Faltu says my dad gave the money. Ayaan says call her dad and ask. Janardhan says call him. Ratan says we will handle it, we will take Faltu with us. Dadi says Faltu said her marriage is happening forcibly, she won’t go. Ratan says she is my niece. Everyone supports Faltu. Ratan says we will take her. Ayaan shouts she won’t go. Savita says she is our guest. Bua says even if Ayaan made Faltu elope, then he has not done wrong. They all support Faltu. Savita says injustice is happening with Faltu, we have to stop this. Dadi says yes, daughters are Laxmi, she should stay here. Bua says Faltu risked her life and saved Maa. Harsh says yes, we all think we should let her stay here till Ayaan and Tanisha’s marriage. Tanisha says its our mehendi function today. Ayaan says sorry. She asks was it just a coincidence, I expect honesty from my would be life partner, tell me, is it true. Ayaan thinks sorry, I have no option than to lie to you. He says sorry. He lies. Tanisha says I trust you. Everyone makes Pappi, Som and Ratan out. Ayaan says sorry Tanisha, I don’t want any problem between us. Tanisha says yes, why is this unnecessary drama happening, I didn’t think this will happen. Ayaan says Indian marriage is incomplete without any drama. He jokes. She holds his hand and smiles. Faltu looks on. She says don’t think I m here. Ayaan asks her to sit well.

Ayaan and Tanisha are getting married. Faltu looks on sadly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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