Faltu 30th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Faltu saves Ayaan’s Dadi

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Faltu 30th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Faltu coming inside Ayaan’s house. Sid smiles. Tanisha recalls Faltu. She says she is the girl with whom you were playing garba in the village. Suhana says yes, we stayed in her guest house, but what is Faltu doing with Bua, she was getting married to Pappi. Ayaan acts and asks how did you meet Bua. Alok and Rijula tell them a fake story of rescuing Faltu from goons. Sid says wow, what a story, Ayaan, I will write the climax. Savita says someone should know about her. Faltu says yes, my parents should know, they helped me in running away from that forced marriage, they love me a lot and trust me. They all welcome Faltu well. Sumitra asks what will she do here in Ayaan’s marriage. Bua says I got her here with me, she is all alone. Ayaan says you did right, its our duty to help Faltu. Savita welcomes her. she introduces the family. Faltu greets them. Savita says Tanisha is Ayaan’s fiancée, and my would be bahu. Tanisha holds Ayaan’s hand. Faltu greets. Tanisha laughs. Janardhan comes and sees Faltu. He asks what is she doing here. He asks her to get out. Dadi says I m making halwa for Janardhan, Rijula and Alok, the halwa can make their relation sweet. The gas lighter doesn’t work. The gas knob is left open. Janardhan says Ayaan, she is the one who splashed the dirty water on me. He asks her to get out. Faltu says uncle, listen to me. Bua defends Faltu. He says you keep your defense to yourself, you are a guest here. Rijula asks guest? Do you welcome guests in this way, look at yourself and Faltu, she is a kid, forgive her. He scolds her.

Faltu calls it enough. She says I won’t hear a word against my parents. Janardhan asks Ayaan to teach a lesson to Faltu, throw her out of the house. Dadi takes the matchstick and tries to light the stove. Rijula argues with Janardhan and cries. Faltu apologizes. Dadi lights the matchstick. Her saree catches the fire. Aunt shouts. Dadi screams and calls out Janardhan. Everyone runs to see. Faltu takes the table cloth and runs to save Dadi. Ayaan says nothing happened, don’t worry. He sees the burn on Faltu’s hand. He takes her aside and cares for her burn. Tanisha looks at them.

She interrupts them. Doctor checks Dadi and says her bp is high, she is fine, don’t worry. He leaves. Dadi jokes. She asks where is that girl who saved my life. Faltu comes. Dadi and aunt thank her.

Savita also thanks Faltu and says she is from Ittarpur. Faltu says I should go now. Bua asks where are you going. Faltu says I will go. Alok says I will come along, we will go home. She says I will manage, you stay here and attend the marriage. Tanisha stops Ayaan and says Janardhan won’t agree, don’t even try. Dadi stops Faltu and asks her to stay with them. Tanisha says uncle’s meeting got missed because of Faltu. Dadi says if that was more imp than my life, then I will leave this house. Janardhan says stop, you can stay here as our guest, you saved my mum’s life, think it’s a way to say thanks, don’t think that my thinking has changed about you. Sid smiles. Ayaan goes to Faltu and cares for her. Ayaan says no one knows that you are a cricketer. She tells everything about Janardhan and her fight. He says don’t worry, dad looks strict, but he is soft-hearted, he will melt seeing your innocence. He does the aid to her hand. Tanisha sees them and shouts Ayaan. Faltu takes her hand away.

Tanisha insults Faltu. Ayaan comes and asks what’s happening here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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