Faltu 30th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ayaan and Faltu break their marriage

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Faltu 30th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ayaan asking Faltu to leave the house. Dadi and Janardhan ask him to control his anger. Dadi says Faltu can’t do this, she can never hurt this family, truth is something else. Ayaan says the entire proofs are against her, ask her to show the proof of her innocence. He says get out, I will break the marriage vows today. He takes reverse rounds with Faltu. He breaks the promises taken before. He says I will cut ties with you. He says our relation is over from today, you can enjoy as much as you want with Ruhaan. She says enough now, who gave you a right to question my character, won’t I say anything, you want the proof of my innocence, I won’t give it.

She scolds him. She says I have done a lot for you and this family, you blamed me, you got me banned, I didn’t say anything, I didn’t give this right to you to stain my character, you aren’t doing this with me for the first time, you linked me to Dr. Ajit and Vishal, its not your mistake, I was wrong to not stop you before, I should have stopped you, its enough, I don’t care for this, you want to break this relation, I will break it. She removes the mangalsutra and gives it to him.

Everyone asks them to talk and sort the issues. Faltu says I don’t care what you think. Dadi says marriage doesn’t break this way. Janardhan asks Ayaan to return the mangalsutra to Faltu. Ayaan says we have no relation, and your drama won’t work. He puts it in the fire. Faltu leaves the house. She runs on the road and cries. It rains. She recalls her old moment with Ayaan. Maine tera naam…plays… Ayaan drinks and thinks of Faltu and Ruhaan. She says Ayaan has changed a lot, how. Ayaan says I didn’t know when did you change so much, its my mistake, I will fulfil my dream and make you regret your mistake, I won’t lose. Ayaan sees the rain and misses her. He says my Faltu would be dancing with Ruhaan in the rains, and I m crying here.

Faltu hears about a lady stuck in the river flood. Ayaan cries and says Faltu chose Ruhaan instead me. Tanu says my revenge didn’t get fulfilled, you will pay a price for my mom’s arrest, Ayaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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