Faltu 29th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Faltu 29th June 2023 Written Episode

Ayaan asks Faltu why she cheated on him. Faltu asks him to listen to her once but he doesn’t listen and asks her to leave his house. Some time ago Ruhan walks towards Faltu. Faltu tries to escape from him. He holds her hand. Faltu says Ayaan will teach a lesson to you once he learns you kidnapped me. Ruhan says I’m also waiting for him so let’s see what happens when he comes. Ayaan comes to Ruhan’s house. Ruhan sees Ayaan entering his house.

Ayaan sees Faltu with Ruhan and he misunderstands their poison and thinks Faltu is kissing Ruhan. Faltu says she did whatever he asked her for love. Ruhan manipulates his conversation with Faltu noticing Ayaan. Ruhan says I love you to Faltu. Ayaan misunderstands that Faltu is having an affair with Ruhan and leaves from there. Sid and Tanu also see Faltu with Ruhan and leave from there. Tanu thinks it’s all Ruhan’s conspiracy against Faltu.

Faltu warns Ruhan to leave her. Ruhan pushes her. That time her head hits the table’s edge and she falls unconscious. Ayaan loses his cool and breaks everything at the warehouse. Ayaan remembers all the voice notes and incidents between Ruhan and Faltu. Sid and Tanu come there and tell Ayaan that it’s just a misunderstanding and they can get clarity by talking to Faltu. Ayaan says there is nothing to talk about when they witnessed everything with their own eyes. Sid convinces Ayaan and takes him home.

Janardhan and family members ask Ayaan where is Faltu. Ayaan says Faltu is dead to him and asks them to not talk about Faltu in front of him. He leaves.

The next day, Faltu wakes up. She thinks about where she is and why she came to this place. Ruhan comes there and tells Faltu that Ayaan won’t accept her anymore and she will return to his place. Faltu holds his collar and asks what he told Ayaan. Ruhan says I didn’t tell anything to him and Ayaan witnessed everything. Faltu says she will clear the misunderstanding and runs to Mittal’s house.

Ayaan asks Faltu why she entered his place and warns her to leave his place. Faltu says he is misunderstanding the situation. Ayaan says I witnessed everything with my eyes and understand that you deceived me by having an affair with Ruhan. Faltu says she didn’t remember anything. She asks Janardhan to trust her. Janardhan asks Faltu what she is doing at Ruhan’s place. Faltu tells whatever happened and says Ruhan is trying to separate her from Ayaan and Ruhan has some motive. Ayaan asks Faltu if she deceived him as Ruhan is rich.

Faltu says it’s just a misunderstanding and nothing happened between me and Ruhan. That time Faltu receives Ruhan’s message. Ayaan takes the phone and sees Ruhan and Faltu’s close moments photos. Faltu drops her phone to see those photos. Faltu asks Ayaan to trust her, not the photos. Ayaan asks her to not fool him again and asks why she deceived him and why she stooped so low. Faltu tries to touch him to explain. Ayaan warns her to not touch him and asks her to leave his place.

Precap: Ayaan breaks off his ties with Faltu.

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