Faltu 27th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Tanisha learns about Faltu

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Faltu 27th November 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Tanisha coming home to meet Ayaan. She says I have to go for costume trials for him, he isn’t at the gym, it looks like he has no interest in marriage. Janardhan asks why did Ayaan go out of the house. Kinshuk says gym equipment isn’t working. Sumitra says you said something else in the morning. Sid says I think he is hiding something, what’s the secret, Tanu don’t worry, we will find out the secret. Ayaan comes and says no need to find the secret, I will tell it. Faltu misses her family. She says I will keep Ayaan’s faith. She works out. She gets dizzy. She remembers Ayaan’s words. She says he is not less than a magician for me. Ayaan says I have hidden something from you, dad. Janardhan says before saying anything, think well, my head can bow down in shame. Ayaan says sorry. Savita asks why are you saying sorry, what did you do. Sid smiles and thinks he will tell about Faltu. Ayaan says I spoke to Gaurav, you wanted to open a new branch, Gaurav called today, I locked that deal. Everyone smiles. Ayaan says but I wanted to surprise you, sorry to hide this, I m happy that we will be opening a new launch. Janardhan asks was this the secret, I m so proud of you.

He says Govind, we worked hard to crack this deal, Ayaan did this, amazing. Sumitra says I thought Ayaan will get scolded, Janardhan is hugging him. Janardhan says Ayaan has worked hard for the business. Tanisha says this is not fair. Ayaan jokes and punishes himself. He holds ears and says sorry. Everyone laughs. Ayaan says we have to go to designer and final the clothes, I will get shower and come. Sid says you can fool them, but not me, I will catch you red-handed, I will see if Janardhan will hug you or kick you out. Tanisha asks Ayaan to just hurry up. She says he didn’t unpack the bags till now.

She unpacks the bag. She gets the gift from Faltu. Ayaan comes from shower. He remembers Faltu’s words. He smiles. Tanisha asks him about the flowers, why did you keep this. He says I liked it so I kept it. She asks who gave you these flowers. She says swear on Janardhan and say the truth. Ayaan says Faltu gave it.

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Tanisha asks who Faltu. He says the one I met in village, who helped me in rebuilding the mart. She says so what, you kept the cheap flowers safe, not my diamond stunned watch. He says I kept the watch. She says shut up, you are comparing my costly gift with those flowers. He says no. She asks what’s special in her. They argue.

She speaks bad of Faltu. He asks her to stop it, they have no right to judge anyone, Faltu is a simple girl. She says her name is Faltu. He says enough, I won’t hear a word against Faltu. Bua asks Alok about the flowers. Alok says actually…. She asks him to go and get flowers. He says no. She asks shall I leave puja and go. Faltu says no, you shouldn’t go. Bua asks how are you now. Faltu says fever is gone. Alok says I will make soup for you. Faltu asks why didn’t you get the flowers. Alok says I have 5 mins for my meeting. Faltu says I will go and get flowers, okay. Sid comes to meet Pappi. He asks who is Pappi here. Pappi says myself Pappi, who are you. Sid says Siddharth. Pappi says Sid has paid money to us to burn the shop, he wants Ayaan to get ruined. Sid says mind your own business. Pappi asks about Faltu. Sid says no, but I know its my Bua and uncle, you all have to come in Ayaan’s marriage. Ratan asks what will we do. Sid says to create a drama in marriage. Ratan says we won’t come, we just want Faltu. Sid says just do what I say, we will get what we want. He pays them money and goes.

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Bua says Ayaan is right, you don’t take care of yourself, you will feel weak if you go out. Faltu says no, I m fine, I can do batting also, my family used to praise me, I will go and get flowers, I have no money. Bua says Ayaan asked us not to send you out of the house. Faltu says don’t take his words seriously, give me money, I will come. Bua guides her the way. Ayaan says don’t comment on Faltu if you don’t know her. Tanisha argues. He defends Faltu and says there is no comparison between them and us, they have to fight for basic human rights. She says enough of this Faltu, you are arguing with me because of her, like she is imp, I have no value. He says sorry, I don’t want to hurt you, why are we arguing. She says yes, Faltu doesn’t exist for me, I don’t want her to exist for you, you promised that your time will be mine. He says I will keep my promise, I will come. She goes. He thinks sorry, I can’t ignore this bond with Faltu.

Faltu argues with Janardhan. He sees her at home and scolds her. He asks Ayaan to throw Faltu out of the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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